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Medvedev Says Politics OK In Russia

By any objective criteria the state of Russian politics leaves something called “democracy” not present in the lives of its people. But, President Dimitry Medvedev believes things are politically correct in his country despite widespread evidence last fall’s elections were marred by corruption and denial of rights for opponents of the government. “In general,” says the president, “the results of the regional electionns reflect the real balance of the political forces and public sympathies in the country.” In other words, it makes no difference if his political party, United Russia, steals elections as long as they steal it along lines that reflect political views of people. The other parties in the Duma staged a boycott, but Medvedev is not impressed.

Many hoped with the election of Dimitry Medvedev after eight years of authoritarian Putin, there would be a new attitude about working for a free and democratic electoral system, but Dimitry appears to fear making changes. He continually insists United Russia IS the overwhelming favorite of the population, but he ignores that his party controls the media and has the power of government patronage. Step on on the road to democracy would be to offer opposition parties equal access to television.

Who Runs Russia-Karate Man Or Lawyer Man?

The good news in Russia is that Dimitry Medvedev is president of the nation, the bad news is that Vladmir Putin is prime minister of the country. The president was working with American officials to conclude a new US-Russian arms control agreement to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty which expired on December 5. Medvedev was also seeking to have Russia enter the World Trade Organization and had cooperated with American officials to work out some minor issues, but along came the man of toughness, Vladmir, the karate king. Putin reminded the world being president of Russia is no guarantee one can do anything unless the prime minister agrees. He threw cold water on the proposed agreement. According to Putin, “the problem is that our American partners are building an anti-missile shield and we are not building one.”

There is no question Putin simply does not like being second banana to anyone and he already has indicated a desire to run again in the next presidential election. He sabotaged Medvedev’s attempt to work with the world on sanctions against Iranian efforts to build nuclear weapons just as he undercut the president who was attempting to get Russia into the World Trade Organization.

At the next presidential election the people of Russia will have to decide whether they wish their nation to evolve into a constitutional democracy or go backwards to a watered down version of the Soviet Union.

Human Rights Takes Xmas Vacation In Russia

Perhaps, our headline is not exactly correct in claiming human rights took a vacation during the Christmas holidays. A more accurate headline would state human rights has been on a long term vacation in Russia. The death of Sergei Magnitsky has aroused a fury in the country since it is clear he was allowed to die without any consideration for providing medical attention. Prison authorities claimed he had died of heart failure although there is no record Magnitsky ever complained of having a bad heart. The Moscow Public Oversight Center blasted the death as an example of deliberate inattention to the medical needs of a person. This group is not an official government body but is mandated by law to oversee human rights in Russia.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office refuses to launch an investigation even though President Medvedev fired numerous prison officials and called for an investigation. We can only assume the Public Prosecutor is awaiting an OK from Prime Minister Putin to do anything.

Medvedev Promises New Russia Based On Democracy

Since his election as president of Russia, Dimitry Medvedev has come across as the stooge of Prime Minister Putin and rarely has taken a stand that differs from that of his mentor. However, in his annual State of the Nation address, the president made some oblique references to failed policies of Putin and promised that he would work for creation of a high tech and more democratic Russia. “We need to admit that in the previous years we didn’t do enough to overcome the problems that we inherited..” He went on to make a scorching criticism of Putin’s reliance on oil by emphasizing, “we need to launch modernization and renovation of the entire industrial base.”

Perhaps, it required a few years before Medvedev gathered the experience and power to undertake confronting serious problems of Russia that include the need to practice democracy rather than giving it the Putin lip service. Who knows, perhaps Medvedev will be the 21st century Gorbachev!

Is Russian Mouse Becoming A Lion?

Russian President Dimitry Medvedev has spent his first year in office working very diligently not to annoy Prime Minister Putin, the real ruler of Russia, Suddenly, Medvedev has begun to make intelligent remarks which indicate he wants to confront serious issues within his nation. In a startling admission a few days ago, he complained his nation was run by corrupt officials and many businessmen did nothing other than live off the sale of raw materials. He told a group of Russian experts, “corrupt officials run Russia. They have the true power in Russia.” He warned that corruption “has a systematic nature, deep historic roots. We should squeeze it out. The battle isn’t easy but it has to be fought.”

Some observers see evidence of a young Mikhail Gorbachev who is really responsible for the end of the Cold War and transforming Russia into a semi-democracy. Medvedev understands Russia can not continue relying on raw materials for its wealth, but must become a modern technological society. If he pursues this path of leadership, it is bound to annoy Vladmir Putin, his prime minister.

King Vladimir Of Russia

Vladimir Putin of Russia is not a man who wastes words on idle chatter such as elections and a free press, but he gets right to the point. Who will be president of Russia in 2012 when his stooge, Dimitry Medvedev has concluded his term in office as president of Russia? Who else! Vladimir was kind enough to allow someone else to carry the title of “president” for four years, but the throne of power must be returned to its rightful owner, the man who knows what is best for his children, the people of Russia– the Putin man!

Naturally, Putin has enough uncommon sense to compare his appointment of Medvedev to become president with the British tradition of having a prime minister step down and another member of his party assume office. I hate to tell you, Vladimir, but Gordon Brown will be voted out of office because the UK is a democracy, not a semi-monarchy as exists in Russia.

Ironically, the dummy who is president recently made an interesting speech in which he noted”an ineffective economy, a semi-Soviet social sphere, a weak democracy, negative demographic trends and an unstable Caucasus.” Oh well, wait a three years and King Vladimir will make that assessment look rosy when he completes his next turn as president.

Soviet Union And World War II!

The origin of World War II continues to be a hot issue on the political scene as President Dimitry Medvedev insists his nation was the savior, not the instigator of the world conflict. He told the media it was a “flat-out lie” that dictator Joseph Stalin had anything to do with causing the war. He accused the Ukraine and Baltic states of attempting to smear the Soviet Union as the brutal force in the war and ignore their own participation in collaborating with Nazi Germany. Medvedev was furious the EU passed a resolution equating Stalinism with Nazism.

At the center of the World War II debate is Stalin’s decision to sign a non-aggression pact with Hitler in 1939. The agreement also included turning eastern Poland over to Russia once Germany conquered Poland. Stalin later argued without eastern Poland in Russia’s possession, Nazi Germany would have taken Moscow in the winter of 1941. His argument has validity, but Medvedev ignores the UK warned Stalin of a German attack in June, 1941 and he ignored it resulting in devastating Russian casualties.

Is the Soviet Union akin to Nazi Germany. In terms of being dictatorial, in terms of having racist policies, in terms of having death camps, the comparison has some validity. But, the Soviet Union under Stalin was NOT an expansionist nation and had no dreams of conquering all of Europe. That was a critical difference. Medvedev is absolutely correct in arguing the Soviet Union in WW II bore the brunt of the German army, at least 70% throughout most of the fighting.

Medvedev is also correct in arguing the Ukraine had many collaborators with Nazi Germany and the Germans readily had the support of many in the Baltic states for the anti-Jewish atrocities. The bottom line is the world is better off that Nazi Germany was defeated and the Soviet Union eventually disintegrated.

Would You Believe Russia Will Find Killers?

The history of Putin Russia is ongoing murder of activists who seek to fight for the rights of individuals. President Dimitry Medvedev on Friday ordered Chechen President Ranzan Kadyrov to take a serious approach to finding out who was responsible for the recent murders of two activists in Chechnya. “A whole sequence of political murders and assassination attempts have the aim of destabilizing the situation in the Caucasus. The president of the Chechnya republic should do everything he can to find and expose those responsible.”

There is one problem– what if the president of the Chechen republic has had a hand in the deaths of these activists? Human rights groups have accused the Chechen government of complicity in the murders of several activists. Most probably Medvedev’s call for action is merely a response to criticism from European leaders like Chancellor Merkel.

Does The Kremlin Care About Murder?

The continual attacks on human rights activists in Russia raises questions as to whether there is anyone in charge of the country who has the slightest interests in protecting the innocent from criminals. The murder of Ntalya Estemirova, a prominent fighter for human rights, makes clear that forces of oppression understand they can kill without fear of being caught, let alone tried for a crime. There is evidence the Chechen government of Ramzan Kadynov encourages attacks on those who dare raise questions about the deaths of those who oppose the little tyrant of Chechen. As mourners gathered to pay tribute to the woman who has stood up to Prime Minister Putin and his coterie of thugs, many shouted, “who is next?” A few weeks ago it was Stanislav Markelov, a lawyer who fought for human rights and is now dead at the hands of criminal assassins.

Her murder took place in the middle of the day when four men grabbed her as she entered her apartment, and threw her into a car, drove seventy miles and then dumped her body by the side of the road. It is clear they did not fear being captured or brought to justice. After all, this is Putin, Russia, in the year 2009.

President Medvedev told visiting President Obama he was committed to the rule of law. Russians who seek democracy and justice wait expectantly for Medvedev to assert his independence and end the Putin rule of violence.

Obama On Putin-Old Ways Outdated!

President Barack Obama is headed for Russia to engage in discussions both with President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin about ways to move forward in securing peace in the world. He admitted to AP that Putin still retains extensive sway over Russian policy and it is necessary to work with him on any plans for future relations between Russia and the United States. However, Obama hopes Putin will put aside “the old cold war approaches to US-Russian relations” and enter a new concept of partnership. “I think Medvedev understands that. I think Putin has one foot in the old ways of doing business and one foot in the new.” He wants to emphasize there is no antagonistic relationship between the two nations.

It might assist in moving into a new partnership if the United States would abandon its hostile anti-missile program of constructing bases on the border or Russia. Those bases are antagonistic and have no place in the modern world. The United States and Russia must move forward into a new era of partnership for peace. Obama is correct that Putin is tied to old conflicts, but unless President Obama abandons the Bush missile plan which makes absolutely no sense, then Russia is correct in maintaining the Americans are locked in Cold War thinking.