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Obama Supports Medvedev On Freedom

President Barack Obama told the Russian newspaper, Novaya Gazeta of his firm belief that Russian President Medvedev was working to further the concept of freedom in his nation. “I agree with President Medvedev when he said that freedom is a better way of life for a country. “I see no reason why we cannot aspire together to strengthen democracy.” He also expressed his hope both nations can reduce the size of their nuclear arsenals and deal with the divisive program of former president Bush to build an anti-missile system on the border of Russia.

A key issue of human rights in Russia is the imprisonment of MIkhail Khodorkovsky whose trial is generally viewed as a kangeroo court interested in conviction rather than justice. Obama hopes that Medvedev will change the Putin oppressive actions toward those fighting for human rights. Perhaps, at some point Medvedev will challenge Putin and create a democratic society.

Medvedev– Democracy Might Be Cool!

The election of Dimitry Medvedev last year raised hopes that a man whose background was in law rather than in the KGB might usher in a new era of respect for law and order. Instead, he has given lip service to the institution of democratic procedures and allow the Putin approach to authoritarian democracy to continue as the mode of government in Russia. Medvedev told human rights campaigners he was receptive to the idea of setting aside a small area in central Moscow that might serve as a Russian model of the famous British Hyde Park. “It looks cool,” he said of a proposed Speakers’ Corner. ” I need to speak with Russian authorities and build our very own Hyde Park.”

I hate to tell President Medvedev this minor point, but he IS Russian authority. Just look in the mirror and say OK.

Medvedev Wants Peace With Obama

The reality is that issues of conflict between the United States and Russia are not insurmountable and all it requires is common sense and a willingness to compromise. President Medvedev expressed his hopes in a Washington Post article that the two nations could become friends and cease their conflict. George Bush created one crisis after another in order to antagonize Russia with his ill advised effort to construct anti-missile bases on the border of Russia. There is no doubt George Bush would have ordered the air force out if Russia constructed anti-missile bases in Cuba. The Bush support for Georgia certainly played a role in encouraging that nation to begin the war in South Ossetia.

Medvedev said quite clearly, “I believe that removing such obstacles to good relations would be beneficial to our countries.” It is simple, end the thought of anti-missile bases in Poland and take up Russia’s offer to construct anti-missile bases on its territory that would be controlled by both nations. Invite Russia to become a member of NATO and end the conflict over nothing.

Russia Warns US It Will Rearm

Several years ago, it appeared the United States and Russia would work together since they apparently had few outstanding issues of dispute. The Bush era led to American military threats such as the program to construct anti-missile bases on the border of Russia and warnings about what Russia should or should not do when Georgia invaded South Ossetia. Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Seryukov now claims the United States has plans to seize control of resources within Russia. “US aspirations have been aimed at getting access to raw materials, energy and other resources.” It is difficult to ascertain exactly how this relates to Russia other than as an example of paranoia running wild.

It is time for President Obama to meet with President Medvedev and clear up the situation. Step one would be to abandon the irresponsible program of building missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. Step two is working with Russia to deal with concrete issues such as Iran and the search for peace.

Is A Sleeping Russian Bear Waking Up?

The Russian people for over a decade have been compelled to live in a society in which the ideas and decisions of Vladmir Putin decide what happens. Putin installed his protege, Dimitry Medvedev as president of the nation on the assumption he would be a good boy and do what he is told. President Medvedev may be awakening from the sleep of inertia. He warned against the emergence of an old fashioned communist style bureaucracy that became a modern version of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Medvedev said it was important for Russia to have new faces in places of authority which undoubtedly was a dig at the small group around Prime Minister Putin who run the nation.

Medvedev also told the Central Elections Commission he was disturbed concerning reports there were numerous election violations in recent voting. “If there are signs of violations they should be dealt with and looked at, and perhaps some election laws and rules should be changed.” This is among the first times he has openly raised questions about the nature of elections in his nation. Who knows, maybe the sleeping Russian bear is finally waking up to the reality Russia needs a truly democratic approach to governing.

Is Russia A Democracy?

The essence of a democracy is the right of individuals to express their views and to participate in the political arena without concern they will be subject to punishment for opposing the official government. Mikhail Khodorkovsky was a famous and wealthy man who came to the conclusion he had to enter the political arena and pursue the quest to establish a democratic society in his beloved Russia. However, then President Putin was frightened that someone had financial resources to run in an election that might result in gaining victory. Since Putin ran Russia and controlled the judiciary, he had charges brought against his opponent and not only sent him to jail but took over his corporation.

President Dimitry Medvedev, a former lawyer, has promised to end corruption in the Russian judiciary. His real test case is the new trial of Khodorkovsky which shortly will begin in Moscow. If the former business leader is again convicted it sends a message that Russia does not have an independent judiciary. What will Medvedev do?

Guess Who Runs Russia?

Officially, Russia is a democracy. It supposedly is a nation which has free elections, and the people elect a president who has real power and a prime minister who allegedly reports to the president. At least that is what the official terms of the Russian constitution reveal. A year after Prime Minister Putin stepped down from the presidency in accordance with term limits for a president, almost half of the Russian people still believe he is the one who wields real power in the nation while his protege, Dimity Medvedev does something, but certainly does not act with any real power in his role as president of the nation.

Ironically, in a poll taken before the 2008 presidential election only 25% believed Putin would maintain his iron grip on power, but it is clear, Medvedev has failed to exercise the power which legally belongs to him. Only 12% of people surveyed believe Medvedev is the real leader of their nation. Welcome to Putin Russia.

I’m The Boss Of Russia Says Putin To EU!

At a recent meeting between European Union leaders and Prime Minister Putin of Russia, tempers flared when the Russian leader expressed his anger because EU Commission chief, Jose Manuel Barros dared to discuss issues concerned with human rights to President Medvedev and Putin was not present at the session . In response to European Union concerns about the treatment of minorities in Russia or the murder of journalists, the Russian president insisted it was the EU which has been abusing Russian minorities within their borders. Putin suddenly transformed himself into the defender of minorities, migrants, and even prisoners held in jails within the EU.

The real issue is gas and Russian control over the flow of it to the west. The Putin government has abused minorities, it has a hand in the killing of journalists who dare confront the boss of Russia, and it is clear if a nation wants Russian gas it must remain silent concerning Putin oppression of people..

Oh, and no more meetings with the president of Russia unless the prime minister is present.

On The Russian Trail Toward Authoritarian Government

In the glow of the overthrow of the Soviet Union, the Russian people looked forward to an era of democracy in which they finally after centuries of fighting to end authoritarian government would be able to taste the joy of living in a free society. The Putin era of kleptocracy made millions of Russians angry at what they considered to be the essence of capitalism and democracy. During the intervening years, Vladmir Putin brought stability to his nation, but the price was the end of a vibrant democracy and its replacement by a few men in charge who knew what should be said and what should be done. Santa Vladmir came on the scene with his merry little elf, Dimitry, and they both have decided the last thing Russians need is a democratic society.

The Federation Council of Russia, all 142 obedient little elves voted to extend the Russian presidency from four to six years as well as extending the Duma term from four to five years. This will enable Father Vladmir to return as president in a few years and once again do formally what he does informally-rule Russia. This important constitutional amendment was proposed a month ago by President Medvedev and passed within sixty days. Such is the working of democratic government in the era of Vladmir the First.

Russian Leader Wants To Meet Obama

There are indications President Dmitry Medvedev is looking forward to the presidency of Barack Obama in order to end the current stalemate between his nation and the United States. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: “President Medvedev and Barack Obama agreed to work on the basis of pragmatism and old a top-level meeting soon after Obama’s inauguration.” The Foreign Minister said his nation is prepared to work in a collaborative manner with the new American president. Russia “will also be ready to consider any issues and strive for looking for mutually acceptable solutions.”

George Bush never met a solution he could not turn into a problem. There was no reason fro the United States and Russia to engage in conflicts over the past few years. Bush decided to antagonize the Russian government by pushing for missile bases on its border and to urge Georgia to engage in military action that was bound to elicit a Russian reaction.