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From Kremlin Critic To Insider

Prime Minister Vladmir Putin has never forgotten the basic rule of any dictatorial regime-it’s easier to buy them off than to fight them off. Former Union of Right Forces head Nikita Belykh who has been fighting to restore democracy in Russia has decided it is a lot more comfortable being on the inside than the outside. He has been appointed Governor of the Kirov region by President Medvedev. Belykh said he was accepting the appointment because it was “very interesting from a professional point of view” and it is a “big challenge.” Of course, it is a big step upward to a position of power. He also believes those who are fighting the Putin-Medvedev clique are really not going to get power in the coming years.

Putin is a clever semi-dictator who comes across as a man of the people and who uses thugs to carry out the dirty work of power by getting rid of those who might cause trouble. Belykh said he met with a key government leader and they discussed “my cooperation with the authorities within the executive power.” Welcome to the club, Nikita.

Bush Administration Always Blames Russia

The Bush administration continues insisting any problems between the United States and Russia are entirely the fault of the Medvedev-Putin government. There was hostility towards Russia as a result of the war in Georgia, but most NATO nations are anxious to resume working with the Russian government rather than continuing hostility. The Bush administration, however, insists, “it is difficult for us to go back to business as usual, since the Russian military did actually attack another country. It’s hard when you have Russian troops in another country against its will.” This is the Bush view of reality, but, unfortunately, it is not reality.

As we recall, Georgian troops invaded South Ossetia and the Russians responded. As we recall, Russia offered to have missile bases installed in its land instead of having missile bases built in Poland against non-existant enemies, The Bush administration has constantly raised fears in Russia about its security. The Medvedev-Putin alliance has not restored democracy to Russia, but raising fears only allows them more freedom to deny basic democratic rights to opponents.

Medvedev Reaches Out To European Union

Several long years ago, President Bush looked into the soul of then President Putin and saw someone with whom he could get along. Since then, the ignorant, incompetent Bush has done everything possible to antagonize Russia and make it hostile to the United States. President Nicolas Sarkozy, who holds the current presidency of the EU has made efforts to reach out to Russia in oder to reduce tensions created by American blunders in building missile bases in Poland and supporting Georgia’s ill fated efforts in South Ossetia. European-Russian negotiations for a new Partnership and Cooperation Agreement will soon begin. Europe and Russia are working together on global crisis concerns, and Sarkozy blasted Bush’s ideas on anti-missile bases in Poland.

Russia is now the European Union’s third largest trading partner and it increasingly supplies extensive oil and gas to meet the needs of European nations. There is hope once Barack Obama becomes president in January he will join EU efforts to undo damage done by Bush’s incompetent behavior toward a major nation of the world.

Russia Will Wait Out The End Of Bush

The Russian government has made a decision to shut down diplomatic relations with the current Bush administration and place their bets on being able to work out issues with newly elected Barack Obama. Russian President Dimitry Medvedev spoke with Obama and the two agreed to meet as soon as possible to discuss financial issues and problems between their two nations. Russia is furious at Bush proposals to construct missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic and hope Obama will be receptive to understanding their fears of having military weapons on their border. Originally, Bush claimed the missiles were being built to deal with potential missiles from Iran and North Korea, but no sane person can accept that ludicrous position.

Perhaps, Bush can explain why would Iran send missiles against Europe, and, if Europe is the object of a potential attack, why doesn’t the EU build the bases? Medvedev indicated he believes Obama is ready to be an active listener and understand the Russian point of view. That would be a first for an American administration.

Medvedev Still Fighting Bush

President Dimitry Medvedev made clear he continues to regard Bush as representing a Cold War mentality and he intends to make clear Russia will not back down. Bush pushed to establish missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic and has urged NATO membership for nations in eastern Europe. The Russian leader announced his nation would deploy missiles in territory near the Polish border in a defiant slap in the face of President Bush.

Hopefully, a President Obama will sit down and discuss Russian concerns with Medvedev in an effort to avoid initiating a new Cold War. Obama will be receptive to a Russian desire for peace and security. Medvedev may well be changing his mind by next spring.

Medvedev Doctrine Of Military Reform

Lost in the recent war between Georgia and Russia was the overall ineffective performance of Russia’s military forces. They won a decisive victory, not so much because of their own brilliance as a fighting force, but due to the stumbling and confused performance of Georgia’s military. An unexpected result of the Bush encouraged invasion of South Ossetia is the emergence of a new Medvedev military doctrine. Russia will be moving away from a conscript armed force and replacing it with a modern professional one. President Medvedev made clear, “all formations must be upgraded to the permanent combat readiness category by 2020.” He is also moving away from a bloated number of generals leading the armed forces and replacing them with a modernized military command system operating out of the Defense Ministry.

There is evidence Medvedev will move to a greater emphasis on high tech capabilities and the space military will be dramatically expanded. The West thought Russia’s military force was all powerful, but Russian leaders are well aware of its inept performance. George Bush gave birth to thousands of al-Qaeda forces and now he is giving birth to a modern Russian armed force.

Russian Liberal Punished In Jail

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the jailed Russian businessman who had the temerity to actually try forming a political party that might oppose the Putin way of running Russia, has been placed in solitary confinement in a Siberian prison for giving an interview to the Russian version of Esquire magazine. Khodorkovsky made millions in the world of business and then turned to the field of politics where he hoped to found a political party that would fight to restore the original principles of freedom that arose with the overthrow of the Soviet Union. He is currently in jail and will most probably face new charges of money laundering and embezzlement.

His lawyers are convinced the punishment is not so much for giving an interview but simply another form of humiliation for a brave man who believes in freedom. President Medvedev, a former lawyer, promised on taking office he would restore principles of law and due process to the nation. He might begin by freeing Khodorkovsky.

Russia Seeks Security Pact

President Dimitry Medvedev blasted America’s attempt to impose its ideas on the world which has led to confusion, violence and undermining global security. “A desire by the United States to consolidate its global domination led to it missing a historical chance…to build a truly democratic world order.” Not only has this failure necessitated a need for new approaches to world security, but the economic collapse in America is impacting the economies and lives of people throughout the world. Medvedev called to a new security pact which would ban the use of force or the threat of violence by any nation. He was willing to include Russia as part of any new security pact to guarantee peace.

He pointed out that after 9/11 Russia stood poised to work with the United States to fight world terrorism but Bush policies such as the invasion of Iraq made such efforts impossible to achieve. Medvedev said it was time for an end to American “egotism” to end, whether it be in regard to military action or economic health.

Foreign Policy Expert Warns Of US Russia Blunders

Andrew Kuchina, of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, recently attended the Vaidai Discussion Club meeting in Moscow and was saddened by the American attitude toward Russia which he regards as misguided and could result in a worse attitude than was present in the Cold War. Russian presenters at the discussion all sang the same song, “we don’t want a new era of confrontation, but the choice is yours.” But, Secretary of Rice at the same time was insisting “the decision is Russia’s and Russia’s alone.” Kuchina found most Russian experts believed there nation was correct in responding to the Georgia invasion of South Ossetia. President Medvedev said he talked with George Bush during the crisis and was told by the president, “what do you need this for?” and he responded, “George, I had no choice, and if you were in my shoes, you would have done exactly the same, only more brutally.”

Kuchina believes the United States simply does not grasp that constructing missile bases in Poland is interpreted in Moscow as a provocative action that is bent on showing America can do as it wishes and Russia must accept Bush actions without protest. Medvedev said at Valdai, “We will not tolerate any more humiliation, and we are not joking.” From a Russian perspective, the defeat of Serbia, the independence of Kosovo, the expansion of NATO eastward, and building missile bases on its border are examples of America pushing its interests at the expense of Russia.

Kuchina hopes future American administrations will treat “Russia more like a real partner to achieve long-term objectives in the interests of all parties.” Perhaps, a President Obama can fulfill these goals.

War Of Words Between West And Russia

Dueling words have replaced dialogue as the conflict between Western nations and Russia over the Georgia incident continues to escalate. Fortunately, at this time both sides are using words in their conflict rather than armed force. US Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, warned Russia its actions would result in being isolated from the world while President Medvedev asserted his nation is not retreating into a war like stance but will continue working with other nations. Secretary of State Rice charged the Russian government has no friends other than leftist nations such as Venezuela and Cuba even as Medvedev made clear Russia was not returning to a Soviet Union sense of isolation from the world. He mocked NATO for being unable to provide support for Georgia during the crisis and sarcastically noted “NATO only provoked the conflict and nothing more than that.”

Charge and counter charges make headlines in the morning press but have nothing to do with resolving issues between nations. It is time for NATO to abandon Bush policies of deliberately provoking Russia and engage in comprehensive negotiations which would reduce Russian fears of being threatened by the West. In return there must be Russian evacuation of Georgia. It would help if Western leaders acknowledged the role played by Georgia in precipitating the entire conflict.