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Slovak Memory-Hidden, Rewritten, Or Forgotten?

The country of Slovakia has created a National Memory Institute(UPN)which preserves the memory of the nation’s past, particularly, the period in which communism was dominant. There is no doubt many people would enjoy seeing the building containing documents as to who collaborated with the police, who informed on a neighbor or relative, and who today was someone then. Snce its inception, the Institute has been releasing information about people whom the historical documents indicate were either opposed to or collaborated with, the pre-1989 communist regime.

The concept of a Memory Institute has great attractions, but, it also raises questions as to who decides which documents are released. The Institute has incredible power in deciding what happens today so questions concerning control over Memory are of vital concern in 2008 to leaders of political parties whose leaders may have had connections in the past to people with whom they wish no information is ever released.

The Memory Institute has the power in Slovakia to eradicate an individual’s past which thus determines the individual’s future. Until those who lived under communism die, the past will not only live on in the individual’s mind, but in a building not far away.