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The New Mexican War

The war between the United States and Mexico occurred one hundred fifty years ago, but Mexico is once again involved in a war for its very survival–with itself! The Mexican government has ordered over 5,000 troops and police to confront the drug cartel in Michoacan and drive them out of business. In recent days, the la Familia cartel unleashed a war against the police that resulted in the death of 12 off-duty officers. The cartel has also been blasting police stations and throwing grenades in order to demonstrate their fire power.

At some point, Mexico has to realize their nation is engaged in a civil war which requires creating an army that effectively can handle drug thugs. The other aspect of this war is removing its cause by legalizing drugs in order to deprive drug cartels of their source of income.

Smugglers–Don’t Head North To Canada!

It is a given in modern life that nations seek to guard their borders against illegal immigrants, but throughout American-Canadian history the two nations have maintained relatively open borders to facilitate travel. A senior official in the Obama administration made clear that Canada would not be treated any different than what is happening on the Mexican border. OK, so there is extensive drug violence and kidnappings and murders on the US-Mexican border, but who is to tell that drug lords will not head north to Canada and continue the same sort of violence? Of course, common sense would dictate that Canada is NOT a threat to American interests. Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, made clear “we shouldn’t go light on one (border) and heavy on the other.” Why not?

She also let Canadians know that regardless of past history, Canada and the United States have a border and she intends to safeguard that border against —?? There is no threat from Canada and it makes sense to lower restrictions on our neighbors to the north even while we maintain tighter ones on our neighbors to the south.

America’s Legacy Of Drugs Wars In Mexico

The American obsession with wanting drugs and making the sale or possession a criminal act has spawned drug gangs all over Latin America, but none are more dangerous than those in Mexico. Americans sleep peacefully in communities on one side of the border while a few miles away drug lords kidnap, kill and destroy the very basis of law and order. Relatives of scores of missing people demanded the Mexican government dig up mass graves which were recently discovered that contained human remains. It is believed the bodies of over 300 people lie in these graves of violence whose bodies were dissolved in barrels of caustic soda.

Santiago Meza was the “stew maker” who dissolved the bodies for the Areliano drug gang. Although many of the victims died because of drug wars, many were individuals who had been kidnapped and never returned. Last year, about 5,700 people died in drug related killings. When will the American people address their need for drugs and end the madness of illegal drugs??

Drug Lords In Mexico Slaughter Soldiers

The inhabitants of the United States of America enjoy the use of drugs. The government of the United States of America has declared the use of drugs is against the law. The government of the United States has decided anyone selling or using drugs should be placed in jail. These American policies have resulted in the emergence of drug lords all over Latin America, but none probably matches the brutality of Mexican drug dealers. A corrupt Mexican army and police supposedly is engaged in fighting drug lords, but the result tends to result in soldiers being killed rather than drug dealers. The decapitated heads of 12 soldiers were found in a bag with the warning: “For every one of mine that you kill, I will kill 10.” The discovery was found several miles from the famous resort of Acapulco.

There undoubtedly will be pronouncements of revenge by Mexican leaders as they have promised in the past, but nothing much will happen except that young Mexican boys who serve in the army will die. If Americans really cared about ending the power of drug lords they would decriminalize drugs and allow the government to sell inexpensive drugs to those who agree to enter a program to end drug use.

Mexico Vs Mexico War Rages On And On

Once upon a time in the history of crime, gangsters wiped out an opposing gang and changed the balance of power until another gang came along to wipe them out. The famous St. Valentine Day Massacre witnessed the end of Irish crime domination in Chicago and the rise of an Italian-Jewish coalition. But, Mexican gangsters certainly have reached new highs in slaughtering one another in a seemingly endless killing and killing. Yesterday, police found 13 tied-up bodies in a bus with their hands tied behind backs and face down as they lay in neat row. Most were young men. In Chihuahua, seventeen people were killed on Thursday as well as a police investigator who was shot 60 times while sitting in a police car.

It is time to end the carnage by legalizing drugs and placing the sale of drugs in the hands of the government. Allow users to obtain inexpensive drugs provided they enter a drug control program. The present system makes no sense except to foster murder of those who are in the drug trade as well as innocent bystanders.

More than 4,500 people have died so far this year due to the madness of drug wars.

Thousands Of Mexicans Protest Crime

Tens of thousands of Mexicans marched in over 80 cities in a dramatic demonstration of the growing disgust with the presence of crime in their nation. Over 100,000 alone marched in Mexico City. Although these thousands of citizens were expressing their frustrations and anger at the rampant crime in their society, it still remains unclear exactly what must be done to address the issues they want handled. Laura Martinez told a radio reporter that she was instructed by the men who kidnapped her son to bring the ransom money to them by first becoming part of the demonstration crowd until they directed her to the locale where the money was exchanged for her son. It was interesting how many marchers looked to themselves rather than to police or government as the cause of crime. A cleaning lady, Teresa Magana, who refused to march put it this way: “If I raise my children with values and with feelings, they would never kill anyone…Parents are not doing their job.”

The march against crime was not the first of its kind and most probably will not be the last. There is increasing concern about the need to centralize police forces, raise pay, train a more professional security force, and address issues of poverty and ineffective treatment of criminals.

Mexico And The Cocaine Madness

The American public and its political leaders continue discusing the war in Iraq and the need to resolve that conflict. Even as Bush, and McCain and Obama and Clinton devote enormous time and energy to wars in the Middle East and in Afghanistan, another war is raging on the borders of the United States. The American fascination with cocaine is among the most destructive addictions in the history of humankind. It has spawned gangs and cartel leaders and murderers who roam Latin America and our Mexican neighbors killing and destroying the very foundations of society.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has pledged to confront drug lords, but his initial steps have not resulted in positive results. Armed conflict rages in Mexican cities as gangsters confront police who are outgunned and, in many cases, outmanned by thugs who intend to plunge Mexico into chaos. One can travel anywhere in the nation and purchase cocaine or guns or even grenades with relative ease. In the state of Chihuahua, drug gangsters in one town placed placards containing the names of police who they intended to kill. No one dared cut down the placards and so far at least 17 names on the list are dead.

Isn’t it time for Americans to rethink its drug policies which don’t have the scantest piece of evidence to be successful.

Drug Wars Rage In Mexico As Police Are Killed

The American desire for drugs combined with a policy of criminalizing its sale and possession has not only filled jails of this nation, but it has left in its wake devastating consequences for its neighbor to the south. The United States government has exerted pressure on the government of Mexico to destroy its drug lords, but the only result has been to initiate open warfare between drug gangs and the police. In the latest episode of this conflict, drug traffickers killed seven Mexican policemen who were searching a drug gang hide-out in Culiacan. They were shot by gangsters inside the building who also threw grenades at the police. They were most probably killed by members of the gang of drug kingpin, Joaquin “Shorty” Guzman.

The drug wars have definitely escalated during the past year with at least 1,400 being killed so far this year. Thousands of police and members of the armed forces have been thrust into the battle but drug gangs appear to be equally armed.

The American people continue trying an approach which makes use of drugs illegal. Actually, drugs were legal in most of the United States during the 19th century and it was not until the beginning of the 20th that using drugs became a crime. There are an estimated 600,000 people in jail for drug offences. At some point, perhaps it is time to pursue other avenues of dealing with drugs, including legalizing small amounts that are not so lethal.