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The trials and tribulations of the Obama family continue to create sharp divisions in this nation regarding how those who lead should behave. In Japan, the First Pansy, Barack Obama, had the audacity to bow to the emperor of Japan. As I recall, we God-fearing Americans licked them damn Japs and now we have some black dude going around bowing from the waist to them. I thought the Obamas had done everything possible to destroy this nation’s reputation until I heard about the First Lady ordering her boots from them Frenchies! How come she didn’t buy the boots from some Southern cracker boot seller and keep our money in this land instead of sending it to them French folk, who are pansies! What’s the matter, Michelle, can’t you wear some Wal-Mart boots or, at least, find some boot place in Chicago to outfit the first feet of this nation?

Let’s face it, we God Fearing folk are being taunted and made fun of by some liberal black folk who want to tell the world that we Americans can’t even make boots! Next thing you know, they will be making Levi pants in Paris that sell for a thousand a shot.

I say if we elect someone to the presidency we expect him to wear American clothes, American shoes, get a $5 haircut in an American barber shop, and eat at McDonald’s at least four times a week.

By the way, Michelle, the next time when you are handing out food at the food pantry, how about wearing some $20 sneakers instead of the $585 sneakers you wore. Or, go shoeless and give the money you spent on the shoes to poor folk.