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Afghanistan A Failing Nation Says Mike McConnell

Mike McConnell, America’s top intelligence leader, claims after six years of a US led military support of the Afghanistan government, it only control about 30% of the nation while the Taliban has 10% and the remainder is under the jurisdiction of tribal chieftains. The Afghan government denied his statement to Congress was accurate and insisted it was in effective control of “over 360″ of the country’s 365 districts. However, a recent report by a think tank headed by former NATO commander, General James Jones, concluded that “urgent changes” were required now to “prevent Afhganistan becoming a failed state.”

The United States blames European Union nations for failure to supply troops to Afghanistan, but President Bush has never acknowledged it was his mistake in abandoning the fight in Afghanistan to pursue the Iraq venture which is the major casuse for the growth of the Talibn. Senator John McCain insists America has to pursue the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq even if it takes a hundred years. These wars will not end until there are significant changes in strategy and goals.