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Osama Bin Laden Son Now A Peace Activist

Omar Osama bin Laden, one of the nineteen children spawned by the famous Muslim mlitant leader, is dedicating his life to fight for peace in the world. Together with his British wife, Omar is interested in “chaning the ideas of the Western mind. A lot of people thinak Arabs–especially the bin Ladens, especiallly the sons of Osmaa– are all terrorists. This is not true.”

His wife, Alsabah believes her husband wants to make a difference in the world and show people that a bin Laden can stand up for peace. American intelligence sources are certain Omar is a son of Osama and was raised in the Sudan and Afghanistan. Although two of his brothers are with their father fighting alongside their father, the other children are engaged in business activities.

Perhaps, there is hope a bin Laden can stand up for peace. Now, if he could just persuade his father to make a slght change of heart….