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Is Enough Ever Enough For America’s Military?

The United States armed forces contain individuals whose patriotism and dedication to the nation are extraordinarily high, but one must also pose the question as to whether or not a situation is reached in which the nation can not ask more of those who do so much? Senior leaders of the Army and Marine Corpts told Congress they are not comfortable with military resources available to confront international obligations. General Richard Cody said: “we are a stressed force but… this army is not broken.” Marine General Robrt Magmus added: “Although we are currently meeting our operating requirements.. the net effects of maintained combat and high operations tempo are taking a toll on our Marines and their families.”

General Cody raised an important issue when he commented “we did not have enough depth across the total Army to meet the 360 degree fight we’re in. That’s what we mean when we say the Army is unbalanced.” The generals admitted there was insufficient men available to do assist in training Afghan soldiers and tour duties of Marines had to be extended when some were sent to Afghanistan to fight. It is apparent from their comments the United States would face a serious crisis if another conflict broke out in the world that required extensive military commitments.