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Two Sides Of President Zelaya Story?

Hopefully, the United States has ended its unilateral policies of interfering in the internal affairs of Latin American nations and accepting the principle that each nation decides its own course of democracy. Honduras President Manuel Zelaya was ousted by the nation’s military after the Supreme Court said he was attempting to violate the constitution by allowing a president to run for another term of office. His actions in attempting to end constitutional guarantees against one man remaining in the presidency for a long period of time are similar to those practiced by his mentor, Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela. The same sense of grandiosity is heard in Zelaya about the need to save the people by having eternal power. “Today, I feel like I have sufficient spiritual strength, blessed with the blood of Christ, to be able to arrive there(home) and raise the crucifix.”

The OAS, the UN, the United States oppose the military ousting of Zelaya. However, the solution is simple, have the good president serve out his term, end efforts to change the constitution and stand clear of running for president. Hopefully, he would admit he is not the second coming of Jesus Christ and allow some other competent person to be president.

Hugo Chavez Bellicose About Honduras Coup

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is engaged in never ceasing charges that America intervenes in the affairs of Latin American nations. However, on Sunday he placed Venezuelan troops on alert after his Honduran ally, President Manuel Zelaya was overthrown in a coup by members of the Honduras army. The Venezuelan ambassador was beaten by Honduras troops who were bent on getting rid of a leftist president. Chavez warned if Honduras troops entered his Honduras embassy “the military junta would be entering a defacto state of war.” He naturally accused the CIA of being involved in the overthrow of a leftist reform leader. Most probably, there might well be some validity to his charges, but in the meantime it is doubtful if Venezuela has the military capacity to launch on invasion of Honduras.

Who knows when the CIA is involved in overthrowing Latin American regimes except one would probably not lose much money if you bet on that possibility. It is now necessary for President Obama to conduct an internal investigation to ensure that no branch of the American government took part in the coup. The days of banana republics run by the US Marines have no place in the modern world.

Philippine Coup Fails-Corruption Continues!

Philippine troops and SWAT teams stormed a five-star hotel that dissident military officers had commandeered after walking out of a coup trial. The military officers have insisted their aim is to end the blatant corruption of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s government. They want her to resign in order to create a government that is both legitimate and honest. Their coup was supported by several political leaders including former Vice President Teofisto Guingona. Arroyo in a defiant response said the coup members would be held “accountable” and there would be swift justice. The coup members had literally walked out of their trial accompanied by dozens of military sympathizers including General Danio Lim and went to the hotel. They claim Arroyo stole an election and has been manipulating the political process since taking office.

Unfortunately, the Philippines has been the scene of continual fights over the honesty of its government. This has led members of the military to become involved in political affairs. The nation confronts a Muslim led insurgency in southern regions which has gone on for years. In the midst of this problem is the ongoing belief that President Arroyo is doling out money to politicians and has allowed corruption to become a hallmark of her administration.