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When Is An Election Not An Election?

Once upon a time in a land faraway from the Western world there lived a group of men whom we will call, “the junta” who ruled over millions of people. They loved the people of Myanmar and did not wish them to encounter any difficulties in deciding who should rule their nation. After all, the kindly military junta which ruled the land and beat and oppressed its citizens only did such acts in order ti protect them from the evil of “making your own decisions.” A people who make decisions can make mistakes so the beloved military threw into jail any citizen who had the crazy idea of deciding what to do.

It came to pass that other nations in the world insisted the junta should hold elections. Well, living in the land was an evil princess by the name of Aung Sann Suu Kyi who sought to confuse the people of her land by urging they be allowed to vote in what was called, “an election.” What else could the kindly military junta do but decide who should run for public office. In this way, the beloved military junta ensured the people would not make a mistake by voting for the wrong candidate.

In the end, there would be an election and the right people will get elected.

And, everyone will live happily ever after, particularly the military junta in their wonderful mansions.

UN Chief Praises Burma Thugs Who Run Nation!!

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon unleashed a storm of anger from critics who wanted him to take a strong stand while in Burma in support of democracy and freedom for imprisoned leader Aung San Suu Kyi. On arrival in Burma, the UN leader told head thug of the military junta which brutally rules the nation, ‘I appreciate your commitment to moving your country forward.” Huh! Forward where? Opposition leaders are in jail where many are tortured, the people of Burma suffer from both lack of food and lack of freedom. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown stated bluntly what must be done by the United Nations in regard to Burma. “Only agreement to release all political prisoners (and) start a genuine dialogue with the opposition and ethnic groups will give any credibility to the elections in 2010.”

The reality of this movement “forward” was refusal by the Junta to allow Ban to meet with Suu Kyi in prison and silence as regards freeing any political prisoners. The world waits expectantly for the UN Secretary General to tell us about the “forward” movement in Burma.

The Trial By Franz Kafka In Myanmar!

The trial begins on a dark night in the country of Myanmar. A woman was asleep in her bed when she heard a knocking at the door. She opened it and discovered a man in a bathing suit who was gasping for breath and stumbled in. She gave him shelter and thus committed among the most grievous crimes possible in the state of Myanmar according to the military junta which rules this country. She gave the man a drink of juice and offered him food. There is no question offering food and drink to a stranger in the state of Myanmar is equivalent to seeking to undermine the foundations of the state. After all, it everyone gave food and drink to strangers how would the police know who is loyal to the decree of not offering food and drink to anyone other than members of your family?

Aung San Suu Kyi, who major crime is believing there is such a thing as democracy in her nation, is on trial for committing a crime. Is the crime opening her door at night? Is the crime offering a stranger food and drink? Is the crime speaking to the stranger without asking permission of the government? In reality, her crime has nothing to do with the stranger, but with the love held for her by the people of Burma.

The state was prepared to have 23 testify against her, but since the military junta believes in fairness they will only call nine to testify. Exactly what the 23 know about the case is most probably the main mystery. A man swam across a lake, knocked on a door, the door opened and a woman offered him food and drink and a place to rest his head. Were there twenty three witnesses to these events? Ask the military junta and their response is a loud, “yes.”

Franz Kafka wrote about this trial many, many years ago. It must be admitted he never heard of the nation of Myanmar, but, his fictional trial occurs every day in this nation run by paranoids.

Anyone Remember Myanmar?

Yesterday marked the 61st anniversary of Myanmar’s independence from Great Britain and there is scant evidence this unfortunate nation will experience being part of a democratic nation in the forseeable future. Aung Shew, chairman of the opposition National League for Democracy, was very pessimistic about prospects of being able to persuade or force the ruling military junta to surrender any of its dictatorial power let alone give freedom to Nobel Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi or any of the other dissident leaders who are under some form of arrest because they dare to offer different views about life in Burma. In a speech to other members of his party and some diplomats, he said: “Hope for the present and future of the country is totally lacking.” Tough, but honest words from an independent voice who believes in freedom.

Of course, as far as the junta is concerned, “neocolonialists” were out to destroy the reputation of the nice world they had created for the Burmese people in which normal behavior is agreeing with everything said or done by the junta.

There will be protests in the streets of many cities throughout the world this week in response to war in Gaza, but no one will be marching to protest the situation in Burma.

Burmese People Stand Openly For Freedom

The people of Burma are among the bravest human beings on this planet because they continue fighting for the rights of free people despite living in a closed society in which a military junta uses its power to imprison and brutalize any who oppose their totalitarian rule. Phoebe Kennedy, a reporter for the Independent, found the offices of the National League for Democracy(NLD) the party of house detained Aung San Suu Kyi, who won the only free election in recent history, but was denied the right to assume control of the government. In recent months a variety of opposition leaders ranging from a comedian to politicians have been sentenced to fifty years or more in jail for daring to openly express their views.

Ms. Kennedy found a crowd of about 80 people gathered openly to discuss issues while members of the secret police watched from across the street. She asked several people if they were frightened and most responded: “No. We don’t care.” They were stating their conviction that fear had long since left their lives because they know if they surrender to obedience to the military junta, their dignity as humans has vanished.

A pseudo election will be held in 2010 by the military and the NLD has to decide whether to play along with the charade or find a way to oppose participating in the “elections” whose outcome is already known.

It is easy for those thousands of miles away from the brutality that is known as Burma to urge standing up for rights. We cannot use such words. These brave people will do what they believe is necessary and whatever they do will be an expression of freedom.

Myanmar Thugs Imprison Defenders Of Freedom

The military thugs who presently run Myanmar cracked down last year on anyone who had the audacity to express an honest opinion about life in the prison known as Burma. Nay Phone Latt, a well known blogger, was arrested last year, but not until this week did he learn the government was sentencing him to a twenty year prison term. Latt, like the vast majority of Burmese supports democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, but fellow leaders of the National League for Democracy (NLD) reportedly were also being sent to jail for their part in last year’s demonstrations. Nay Phone’s blog was in the Burmese language and had become a focal point for those who disagreed with the military junta which runs the nation.

The United Nations is powerless because the Burmese junta has close economic ties with India and China who prefer wealth over support for democracy. It is reported there was no trial and no defense attorney for Nay Phone. Most probably, it didn’t matter, because he was guilty as charged since all honest people oppose the thugs running their nation.

Myanmar War Crimes To Be Exposed!

An independent American group is assuming the task of investigating war crimes perpetrated on the part of the current government of Myanmar against its own citizens. The Center for Constitutional Democracy at Indiana University, said his group would begin the investigation in order to determine if there is evidence war crimes have been committed by the military junta which governs the country. David Williams said: “our goal would be to gather the evidence and try to come out with some objective conclusions about whether there are or not”(war crimes).

Williams said he had gathered numerous stories “about how the military government is murdering villagers, it’s blowing up rice paddies so that they dry out, it’s setting fires to villages, it’s laying mines in those villages s that when the people come back some of them get blown up.” His reports suggest many villagers are fleeing to the ills in order to find a place to rebuild their village, but without the rich soil that once served them well in producing crops. The result may well be widespread famine.

The military junta has absolutely no interest in their own people, they believe that Myanmar exists so they can extract its wealth.

Burma Thug Rulers Seek Refuge In Victimhood!

The military rulers of Myanmar insist they have been doing a terrific job of ruling their nation but imposition of sanctions by the UN has created serious economic problems. Despite the fact the UN has only recently become directly involved in trying to aid the Burmese people, military rulers claim the UN sanctions are “immoral and unfair” and the cause of poverty in the country. The “Friends of the Secretary General on Myanmar” want the military junta to comply with UN requests for a democratic opening that would allow all parties to participate in elections and the freeing of opposition leaders. Foreign Minister Nyan Win, responded that Myanmar would be a bread basket to the region and offer plentiful energy supplies if only the UN would end sanctions.

A first step in the move toward democracy by the military junta would be freeing opposition leader, Aung San Auu Kyi and allowing freedom of the press and speech. Unfortunately, the junta definition of what constitutes “democracy” has no relation to the reality of democracy. Unfortunately, there is scant prospect of the junta bending and allowing more democracy.

Myanmar Junta Still Repulsive

Armed police in trucks patrolled Yangon’s streets as fearful Burmese who last year had participated in protests against the government remained in their homes to avoid once again being brutalized by their leaders. A spokesperson Myanmar’s pro-Democratic party said fear reigns in his nation and few would even dare to pray at the famous Shwedagon Pagoda. According to Nyan Win of the National League of Democracy(NLD) said: “People are frightened now because of the bomb blast yesterday. I do not think protests like last year will happen again because of the security.”

Despite last year’s protests, the military junta which rules the nation has no intention of giving into forces of democracy. Leaders of the NLD have been told by police to avoid making provocative statements or face the consequences that arise when people oppose the government. There are reports dozens of democratic leaders have been arrested in recent months.

Still Stonewalling In Burma

The Myanmar military junta continues its obstructive behavior in preventing all possible aid to be provided cyclone victims. It slightly opened the door for some limited assistance from the world, but it refuses to throw open its doors to every possible way to help those who survived the cyclone. As of this date, after weeks of delay and procrastination about 180 visas have been granted although many more people would like to take part in rebuilding the nation of Burma. John Holmes, a top UN official who is handling relief operations, admits they are now reaching people who were caught in the cyclone and survived but that doesn’t mean survivors are receiving all possible aid.

The bottom line is the military junta was complete control over relief operations so it can take credit for whatever food or water or clothing is received by refugees. Burma simply lacks the expertise to handle such a large scale relief operation, but the junta would prefer if people died rather than allow strangers to hand out relief packages.