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Burma Junta Claims Everything Is OK In Nation

The Burma mouthpieace, “The New Light” shed some light on what is actually happening inside the country which has been devastated by a cyclone. Unlike the biased western media which goes around taking pictures of devastation and reports that over a 100,000 are dead, the reality according to the military’s mouth piece is its wonderful efficient government has swung into action and cleaned up the mess. In fact, they are even giving people 15 poles and tellling them to build a house and, if they actually need food, there are always those wonderful frogs that can be eaten. After all, eating rice and stuff like that which the world has tried sending will only get people fat.

The New Light blames the western world and the media for after cyclone problems. It insists “these foreign news agencies are issuing such groundless news stories with the intention of tarnishing the image of Myanmar and msleading the international community into believing that cyclone victims do not receive assistance.”

The leaders of Burma were so concerned with the impact of the cyclone they felt it necessary to go through with a referendum on a new constitution as people were suffering without food or water. We all know which comes first, a constitution which ensures continued rule by the thugs who run Myanmar or assistance for those who are suffering.

Burma Junta Still Refuses US Aid

Numerous ships are standing by idly off the coast of Burma because the ruling military junta refuses to allow them to land supplies. American ships are prepared to leave after its commander, Admiral Timothy Keating, tried on fifteen different occasions to convince
the Burmese government to allow him to send in helicopters carrying supplies but he was turned down each time. Thailand’s Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej says the Burma junta is controlled by paranoids who fear the sight of a foreign soldier would alarm the population and make them believe their nation was being invaded.

There are no words anyone can utter about the madness of the group which runs Burma. They truly suffer from paranoia and interpret the presence of any soldier from another country as somehow the first step in a process of revolution that will overthrow their government. Given the junta contols all forms of communication, is not facing any armed rebellion, what exactly is the source of their fear the sight of a foreign soldier would inspire rebellion?

Burma -One Month After Disaster, Still A Disaster!

A month has passed since a devastating flood swept through Burma causing over 100,00 deaths and leaving at least 1.5 million people without the basic necessities of life. A month has passed since the international community reached out in an effort to assist cyclone survivors, but one month later the xenophoic military junta which rules the nation still displays its fears of allowing foreigners into the country. Sarah Ireland, of Oxfam, the famous organization which brings aid to people who have been impacted by disaster, quietly notes “people need basic relief which is shocking after four weeks.” It was not until this week the International Red Cross was even able to send in several disaster relief experts in order to identify solutions to problems caused by the cyclone.

The Burma military thugs who run the nation have displayed unparalleled indifference to the problems facing their own people. The have, in many cases, given people fifteen poles and told them to build their own homes or blandly remarked if they are hungry they should eat “frogs.” Ships are off the shores of their nation with food and water and clothing but they have been refused entry because the junta fears foreign spies will somehow use the cyclone disaster as a pretext to overthrow the regime. All the world can do at this point in time is sit by idly and wonder.

World Aghast At Behavior Of Burma Junta

Nations throughout the world were shocked at the actions of the military junta which rules the country when it violated its own laws in order to extend the house arrest of opposition leader Aung San Suu Ky. She has been under continual house detention since returning to the country in 1988, and the latest came on the 18th anniversary of tthe election of her party, the National League for Democracy(NLD) which won an overwhelming victory 18 yeas ago. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressed his frustration and disappointment: “The sooner restriction on Daw Aung San Suu Ky and other policial figures are lifted, the sooner Myanmar will be able to move towards incclusive national reconciliation, the restoration of democracy and full respect of human rights.”

The UN hoped efforts by nations to assist Burma during the aftemath of a destructive cyclone at least would have been recognized by the junta, but they apparently were sending a message to the world that despite this assistance they wanted everyone to know who was in charge and that no changes were forthcoming relating to democracy.

There now is no doubt changes will not occur in Myanmar as long as the thugs who run it continue their power over a helpless people.

UN Chief Tries To Pressure Burma Junta

The had of the UN arrived in Burma today in an attempt to persuade the miliary junta to do something to assist over a million people who have been devastated by the cyclone which hit th eir nation. it took two weeks for General Than Shwe to even visit refugees and even then, it was a quick visit, and then back home. The military junta which spends hundreds of millions on military equipment has only allocated $4.3 million for cyclone relief!! It is still not even clear if UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, will be allowed to meet with government leaders who appear unfazed and uninterested in a catastrophe to their nation. Their greatest interest during the aftermath of the cyclone was in passing a referendum which gave them legal power to continue their brutal policies in Myanmar.

Latest reports indicate the cycone left 133,650 people either ded or missing and over a million displaced. The Myanmar government continues to impede relief efforts and literally takes it time in doing anything that might assist their own people. UN humanitarian affairs chief, John Holmes, hopes to be “granted an audience” with the junta.

Unfortunately, there is scant evidence of any desire on the part of the military junta to cooperate with outside sources. They prefer seeing their own people die than acknowledge the need for foreign assistance.

World Frustration With Burma Leaders

The frustration felt in many nations throughout the world is certainly not at the level of that shared by the Burmese people who have witnessed their “leaders” display a callous and cyncal approach to the need for relief. The toll of dead is above 130,000 while Myanmar’s generals celebrate their great “victory” in securing passage of a constitutional referendum on a new constitution. President Bush has imposed sanctions on Burma while Prime Minister Gordon Brown denounced the “inhuman treatment” of the Burmese people. “We have an intolerable situation created by a natural disaster. It is being made into a man-made catastrophe by the negligence, the neglect and the in human treatment of the Burmese people by a regime that is failing to act and to allow the international community to do what it wants o do.”

The military junta did fly some diplomats into a model camp that was set up for refugees, but it contiues blocking aid workers or journalists into the region most impacted by the cyclone. Navy shps from France and the United States are off the coast of Burma, but unable to land. Survivors say the military is pushing them out of refuge in monasteries. Some voices like that of Desmond Tutu are talking about the UN using force to get supplies to those in need. Id this an example of a justifiable use of force by the UN?

Myanamr Aid Still Blocked By Military Junta

A cyclone has killed over 100,000 people in their nation and left over one million displaced but the military junta which has ruled Myanmar with an iron fist for forty years is in a state of happiness because their new constitution received 92.4% of the vote. As the generals focused on getting out the vote, the UN was begging it for permission to fly in needed help. The U.N. World Food Program estimates it will have to rush in 390 tons of food every day to reach the 750,000 victims but as of this date, only 300 tons have been allowed to enter. The UN is further hampered because the junta insists only Burmese can be working on disaster relief despite the reality the nation lacks trained personnel and equipment to handle such a vast undertaking.

So far, only 40 visas have been issued to UN staff and another 46 to nongovernment personnel. This is far too few to confront the complex program of bringing aid to the refugees. There are reports Burmese soldiers are taking supplies and storing them away rather than distributing food and water to the refugees. Human Rights Watch has reports the military is taking high-protein biscuits for themselves and distributing low-quality ones.

Many years ago George Orwell worked in Burma. I suspect if he was alive today, the book 1984 would be cast in Burma.

Burma Aid Trickles In As People Vote

Supplies are tickling into Myanmar on the 11th day after a devastating cyclone killed upwards of 100,000 people. The UN is frustrated because the military junta which rules the nation refuses to grant visas to relief workers due to its fears foreigners might bring the truth to its people of how their own government has abandoned its citizens. A boat carryng vital supplies sank and all the vital material was lost. Three UN disaster assessment experts have been denied entry as the junta tightens rather than opens the weary nation to outside offers of assistance. French charity Medecins du Monde, said authorities finally on Sunday allowed some aid to get through to people.

It is apparent the military junta wants to present a picture of their efficiency by placing stickers on foreign aid that indicate it is really Burmese. There are even reports that state TV showed pictures of leading generals handing out VCRs and TV sets! One can only assume those in charge of Burma are the mad people of the asylum.

Burma Military Wins Academy Award For Cynicism!

Thousands of bodies flotat undisturbed in the waters of Burma while the military junta focuses on having a referendum for its new constitution. But, the junta reached a new low for cynicsm over the weekend by pasting large labels on aid packages that were sent from Thailand which claim the aid is being distributed due to the generosity of the military leaders. State-run television continuously ran images of elaborate ceremonies where top generals–including junta leader General Than Shwe–handed out boxes of aid from Thailand that were disguised to suggest the supreme leader was responsible for helping his people. According to Mark Farmaner of Burma Campaign UK: “We have already seen regional commanders putting their names on the side of aid shpments from Asia, saying this was a gift from them and then distributing it in their region.

A delegation has been sent from Thailand in an effort to get these thugs to pay a little bit of attention to the disaster which has hit their country. Thousands of soldiers have been diverted from aiding stricken refugees in order to supervise the shame referendum on the new constitution. Who are these people who run Burma?

Voting Proceeds In Myanmar!!

Thousands of bodies are floating in the waters of Burma, over one million people have been displaced due to the cyclone, planes with aid are parked in the Bangkok airport, and the mad men who rule Myanmar insist on proceeding with a national referendum which will legalize their constitution. Most civil servants, teachers, police, soldirs and members of the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Association already cast their yes ballot under orders of the government. It is a crime in Myanmar to make negative remarks about the proposed constitution which was written in secret by the military junta.

Local newspapers and TV, have been filled with pictures of mlitary men passing out emergncy supplies to the people impacted by the cyclone(most probably supplies flown in by two UN planes), including, oddly, some shots showing officers handing out VCD and DVD players to the needy.

According to Buddhist belief, those in mourning should go to the temple one week after the death of their loved ones and pray form them, but the nation’s rulers want people to go to the ballot box and vote for something that has nothing to do with their lives or with death except the death of law.

One picture shows military junta leader General Than Shwe casting his ballot. He planned the election based on astrological factors and cyclone or not, the stars must take precedence over the needs of the Burmese people.