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Bush Program-Tax Cuts But Low Pay Raises For Military!

The administration of George Bush has never seen a tax cut for the wealthy it did not raise nor has it ever supported a large pay raise for members of the military. Both the house and Senate are prepared to defy Bush by raising the pay of those fighting to defend America. The Bush administration told Congress last year that proposals for higher pay were “unnecessary” and warned against the cost of higher wages for members of the armed forces. Congressional aides say they can not forsee any argument advanced by the administration which would saw members of Congress to vote against the 3.9% raise.

Congress is set to pass new legislation which would not only raise pay but,

* Reject the administration’s call for higher Tricare health insurance and pharmacy fees.
* Authorize a pilot program which would allow service members to take a brak of up to three years without losing rank or job status.
* Continue to increase the size of the Army and Marine Corps active duty forces.

Throughout the past few years, President Bush has been insulting the opposition for failing to “support our troops” while, in reality, he has opposed increased funds for mental health care until compelled by Congress. His record is one of rhetoric, but there is scant evidence in reality of his concern for those who fight. Unfortunately, for members of the armed forces, they never get the consideration which is shown to the wealthy of this nation. Has Bush ever been concernd about the cost of tax cuts?

Military-Goodbye Pay Hike-Bush Will Veto Defense Bill!

Members of the United States military who were expecting a 3.5% pay increase(President Bush wanted 3% but finally gave in to Democrats) will have to wait because the president intends to veto the bill. His veto threat caught Congressional leaders off guard because until this point, he had never raised any objection to a particular item in the bill. The provision allows lawyers to have Iraqi funds frozen in cases involving the misdeeds of Saddam Hussein. Democrats argued the provision was meant to assist victims of Saddam’s cruelty to get compensation. The Iraq government now claims it would allow US prisoners of war during the Gulf War to sue for compensation! Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made clear, “the administration should have raised its objections earlier, when the issue could have been addressed without a veto.”

The ongoing arrogance of George Bush can no longer be a surprise to any American. He initially opposed the 3.5% pay raise as “excessive,” and now finds a minor issue around which to create chaos. If the issue was important, why didn’t the president inform Congress anytime during the fall about his concerns? He runs an imperial presidency in which the president does as he desires and damn the rest of the government. It is also interesting that Bush is bowing before demands of American bankers who don’t want the Iraqi government to withdraw funds. As far as they are concerned, victims of Saddam come last.