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Obama Brings In More Money From GIs Than McCain

Military personnel are contributing more money to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama than to his Republican opponent, Senator John McCain. According to a nonpartisan group, the Center for Responsible Politics, which tracks donations to political candidates, 859 servicemen have contributed a combined total of $335,536 to Obama which is an average of $391 a person. In comparison, 558 servicemen have contributed a combined total of $280,513 to Senator McCain which averages to $503 per person. Surprisingly, a close third in contributions is Rep. Ron Paul who has received $232,411 in contributions. However, is one examines addresses of those who sent contributions, Senator McCain trails far behind those who sent money from current overseas bases.

Overall, the number of military personnel actually giving money is a relatively small in comparison to the 1.5 million who are serving in the armed forces.