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Re-Enlistments Rise In Recession Times

Fifty years ago, American males had to serve in the armed forces due to draft laws, but since the introduction of the concept of a volunteer army, 99% of men and women will never serve in the armed forces. Reality is a higher percent of men and women from lower income families wind up in the military due to need for a steady income or education benefits they can not afford to pay on their own. A recession has hit America and there is evidence one of its impact is stimulating a higher number of members of the armed forces to re-enlist. The percent re-enlisting in the army is now 20% higher than it was in 2004. Rates also rose in the navy and air force, and figures most probably will reveal a similar result in the marines.

Marine Sergeant Angela Mink, mother of five took a few months to consider getting a job in the civilian world but nothing matched her benefits in the armed forces so she re-enlisted. There is something wrong with American society when economic considerations determines who defends their nation and who lives or dies.