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Military Children In Need Of Mental Care!

The number of children with members of their family in the armed forces who now seek outpatient mental health assistance has doubled since the ill fated Bush invasion of Iraq. Nearly two million children who had at least one parent in the military asked for mental health assistance during the past year. In 2003, about one million of these children were asking for mental health but now the number has doubled. There is some evidence the number increased alongside the famous “surge” of troops fighting in Iraq. We are a nation which compels members of the military to have a third or fourth deployment in combat zones so it is no surprise their children will be undergoing stress. Patricia Barron of the National Military Family Association says there is evidence children are taking more medication and displaying signs of anxiety and depression.

President Obama is sending thousands of troops into Afghanistan where the fighting will be dangerous and for some soldiers it will be still another deployment away from family. Isn’t it about time the president bit the bullet and requested Congress to reintroduce the draft in order to equalize the burden of defending freedom within their entire nation?

Admiral Mullen Believes Stress Impacting Military

Seven long years ago, American military forces went into combat in Afghanistan and five years ago, they entered Iraq in a war that supposedly would be over in a few weeks. Year after year, troops have been under fire, been blown up by roadside bombs, and never have known a moment’s peace. Admiral Mike Muller, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made clear his concern about stress. “we see extraordinary stress and pressure,” but insisted “we’re not about to break.” He does not see any possibility tours of duty will be reduced from 12 months.

Former general barry McCaffrey, who recently retired, visited troops in combat and discovered there simply were not enough troops in Afghanistan to maintain high levels of operational efficiency. At some point, the question must be raised, when is enough, not enough? Are American troops to be asked to continue fighting another seven years?