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Healthy Sex Episode Catches Malysian Health Minister

It was just time for a bit of afternoon delight for Malaysia’s Minister of Health, Chua Soi Lek, but unfortunately, the camera was rolling and capturing every moment of his rendevous with a female companion. The sex tape is now is now circulating on DVDs throughout the nation. An embarrassed, Minister of Health did not feel very healthy as he declared the entire problem was caused by enemies. “I have a political agenda and I am a very ambitious man…I think that was my biggest mistake.” Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi did not enjoy having this distraction at a time when he is attempting to placate thousands of Indians in his nation who are fighting for equal rights, jobs, and freedom of religion.

One suspects the “biggest mistake,” as always in these episodes, is being caught. In particular, being captured on video with everything showing including the big mistake.