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FLASH! Rush Exposes MinnIransota Gate!

Although the liberal media which is controlled by Zionists continues to ignore the devious plots of liberals, America is blessed by the presence of that ever vigilant authority on fair play and truth-Rush Limbaugh. The voice of hope for those who wish to preserve America from mongrelization as exemplified by the half breed Barack Obama has uncovered a devious plot by Barack and the Jews– stealing the election in MinnIransota in order to elect still another Jew to the Senate. Only Rush could have spotted the similarities between the Iran election and the so-called election in Minnesota.

1. In both Iran and Minnesota ballots mysteriously disappeared.Is it a coincidence they disappeared in the same manner?
2. The head of Iran is a Mulsim. The head of America is a secret Muslim by the name of Barack Hussein Obama. Is this a coincidence?
3. Fox News was banned from reporting the Iran election. Fox News has been
banned from the White House. Is this still another coincidence?
4. In Iran young girls were used by revolutionaries to get their way. In Minnesota, Al Franken imported young girls from Hollywood and Long Island to sway male voters.
5. The Iranian government hates George Bush, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld because they destroyed the WMD that was going to be used by Iraq, a vassal state of Iran. Al Franken has admitted he hates Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney. If two leaders hate the same people can we not deduce they are in alliance?

God Bless Rush Limbaugh, a man of personal bravery who risks his over weight body every night because liberals seek to eliminate his voice from the air waves. America needs to ask former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, a great legal scholar, to head a commission to investigate the fraudulent election in Minnesota.

Send Al back to his liberal pals in Hollywood, the epicenter of fornication in America.