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To Russia With Love And Hope

The “angry ones” are shouting once again that President Obama has “weakened” America by canceling the Bush program for missile bases on the border of Russia. Ironically, Obama defended the Bush program by noting on TV, “Russia has always been paranoid about this, but George Bush was right on this. This (missile bases) wasn’t a threat to them.” Really, if the Bush missile bases were not directed at Russia why did he turn down an offer from Russia to locate the bases inside their country?
Obama has fallen into the trap of describing the need for missile defenses as directed against Iran. The first assumption of this idea is the presence within the Iranian government of a desire to send missiles toward Europe? Why? This assumes that Iranian leaders are stark raving mad because European nations possess missiles as well as atomic weapons.

Secondly, most Iranian launched missiles would have to cross Russia which presently defends them in the UN Security Council. How about returning to reality. There is no threat of an Iranian missile attack on

Obama Persists In Bush Arrogance!

President Obama delivered an eloquent statement to the world concerning the need to end nuclear weapons and immediately followed up by urging continuation of Bush policies in Europe. In the wake of North Korea’s launch of a missile, the president said: “For if we believe that the spread of nuclear weapons is inevitable, then we are admitting to ourselves that the use of nuclear weapons is inevitable.” He correctly noted nuclear weapons were a legacy of the Cold War and it was time to end the use of such weaponry on this planet. However, he followed up these wise words by restating the Bush madness of building missile bases on the border of Russia in Poland and the Czech Republic. “As lone as the threat from Iran persists, we will go forward with a missile defense system that is cost effectives and proven.”

His remarks either indicate ignorance or stupidity. First, why would Iran fire missiles at Europe? Second, if this is a perceived threat by Europeans, shouldn’t they be the ones constructing the bases? Third, every poll in the Czech Republic indicates the population does not wish to be involved in any such missile bases.

I assume the leaders of Iran are rationale individuals. Why in God’s name would they fire missiles at Europe knowing full well the ability of NATO to retaliate with massive missile attacks?

Russia has offered to have any missile defense bases built on its territory. Have you talked with them, President Obamush?

Listen Obama!–Czechs Protest US Missile Bases!

One of the greatest con games that George Bush engaged in was creating the myth that somehow “rogue nations” might send missiles toward Europe which required the United States to construct missile bases on the border of Russia. The prospect of infuriating the Russian people apparently never bothered the cowboy from Texas but to people in the Czech Republic the idea of making Russia an enemy did not go over as the best idea in the world. Over 300,000 Czechs have signed a petition protesting the missile bases and a delegation of people including mayors of 30 municipalities have gone to Brussels to protest to the European Union against the American bases. Most opinion polls indicate a majority of the population is not supportive of constructing missile bases against so-called “rogue nations” when any intelligent person knows they are directed at Russia.

Barack Obama has to support the people of the Czech Republic and halt construction of bases that are of no military value and only serve to destroy relations with Russia. When Bush initially proposed the bases, then President Putin offered to allow America to establish the bases in Russia and have joint control. Of course Bush rejected the proposal because there was never any idea in his mind the bases were aimed at North Korea or Iran.

Of course, the question President Obama might pose is: why is the United States engaged in building missile bases in Europe to defend Europe against missiles from unknown sources?

Obama Moves To Restore Ties With Russia

Hardly a day goes by without the new administration encountering a problem left over from the Bush era when bluster and threats took the place of intelligent diplomacy. Vice President Joe Biden was in Munich to discuss issues of security and he came out in favor of working in a more cooperative mode with the Russian government over issues such as missile. “It it time to press the restart button and to revisit the many areas where we can and should be working together with Russia.” He emphasized the need for missile defense systems but said there would be an effort to consult with other nations prior to building such installations. Henry Kissinger who was in Moscow called for the United States to abandon the Bush program of building missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic and accept the Russian offer to cooperate with them on this issue.

There is no need for missile bases on the border of Russia. Bush claimed they were necessary to ward off attacks from “rogue nations” like Iran or North Korea. Nonsense, why would either launch a missile attack on the European Union?

Russia Seeks A New Start With The US

The Bush administration has transformed American relations with Russia into an ongoing confrontation due to policies that ignored the concerns of the Russian government about its security. The Bush plan to build missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic was a deliberate attempt to intimidate Russia by offering bogus reasons such as the need to prevent “rogue nations” from attacking Europe. Why should the United States construct missile bases to defend Europe when the European Union is perfectly capable of implementing such a plan? The American support of Georgia without seriously investigating the situation regarding South Ossetia only resulted in disaster for all concerned.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said it hoped “the new people in the White House will learn from the mistakes of their predecessor.” The world hopes so.

Putin Offers Obama An Olive Leaf

Prime Minister Vladmir Putin is known for his aggressive words and actions, but he went out of his way in recent interviews with the Russian people to extend a hand of friendship to newly elected president Barack Obama. Putin, like most Russian leaders, is furious at the Bush administration policy of building missile bases on the border of Russia for the ostensible reason of being prepared to thwart non-existant missiles from Iran or from North Korea. He referred to comments made by Obama and said: “We hear that one should build relations with Russia taking into account its interests. If these are not just words, if they get transformed into a practical policy, than of course our reaction will be appropriate and our American partners will feel this at once.”

It is time for America to recognize Russian history of being invaded by outside forces. In 1962, America reacted with fury at the thought of Russian missile bases in Cuba. Hopefully, a new president will study history and learn from the past how to function in the present.

US Furious At Russian Missiles But Calm About Ours

Five years ago, President Bush informed the United States and the world that Saddam Hussein had WMD which would be fired at the West. He used the argument America must shoot first to protect itself against an alleged attack. Today, George Bush insists Iran has missiles that it wants to fire at Europe which necessitates placing missile bases on the border of Russia to protect Europe against an attack that is not planned and never will occur. Russia, in retaliation, has deployed its missiles near Kaliningrad which has upset Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. He termed the action “provocative” and insisted the only threat facing Europe was from missiles originating in Iran. Gates and Bush and the entire Republican crowd believe there is a threat from “rogue states” like Iran which may one day obtain nuclear weapons and fire them at Europe.

The entire basis of US bases in Poland originates from the theory Iran either has or will get nuclear weapons and, then, for some strange reason, fire them at Western Europe. A simple question to which Bush has no answer is–why would Iran fire missiles at Europe? What exactly would be their goal? Iranian leaders are not stupid. They understand sending missiles into Europe would result in nuclear weapons being fired by Great Britain and France which possess those weapons. But, the essential question remains, what would ever lead Iran to initiate a war against the European Union?

From WMD To Missiles In Poland-Bush Ideas!

Five years ago, President Bush used the threat of WMD in Iraq as the rationale for invading that nation and beginning a war that continues to this day. Last year, the Bush administration informed the world that ‘rogue states’ like Iran and North Korea were preparing to launch missiles against Europe and the United States which made necessary building missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic. At one point, Russia offered to allow such bases to be built on its territory and have them jointly controlled by Russia and the United States, but Bush rejected the offer insisting the bases must be built in Poland and the Czech Republic. Once again, American representatives told this fairy tale to the Russian government. The Russian response was a sensible, “Russia is read to cooperate with the United States on European security but considers the proposals that were sent insufficient. We will not give our agreement to these proposals, and we will speak to the new administration.”

Perhaps, someone can explain why Iran would send missiles across the Ukraine, across Russia, and across Poland headed to who knows where! If the problem is European security, shouldn’t the EU do the building? Why the United States? The missile bases are aimed at one nation–Russia and its government is correct to reject these ridiculous American proposals!

Russia Will Wait Out The End Of Bush

The Russian government has made a decision to shut down diplomatic relations with the current Bush administration and place their bets on being able to work out issues with newly elected Barack Obama. Russian President Dimitry Medvedev spoke with Obama and the two agreed to meet as soon as possible to discuss financial issues and problems between their two nations. Russia is furious at Bush proposals to construct missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic and hope Obama will be receptive to understanding their fears of having military weapons on their border. Originally, Bush claimed the missiles were being built to deal with potential missiles from Iran and North Korea, but no sane person can accept that ludicrous position.

Perhaps, Bush can explain why would Iran send missiles against Europe, and, if Europe is the object of a potential attack, why doesn’t the EU build the bases? Medvedev indicated he believes Obama is ready to be an active listener and understand the Russian point of view. That would be a first for an American administration.

Czech Republic May Check US Missile Base

President Bush’s plan for missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic may encounter problems as the Czech government reconsiders its agreement with the United States. In return for allowing construction of missile bases on its territory, the Czech government was to receive American support for its scientists who are working on military related activities. However, recent regional elections went overwhelmingly to opposition candidates who are ready to join groups which oppose ratification of the agreement in parliament. It is uncertain how Czech members of parliament react to hostile threats from Russia which is violently opposed to the missile bases.

Hopefully, newly elected president Barack Obama will veto the missile bases and reach out to establish friendly relations with Russia. Such a move will make moot any need to get treaties through hostile parliaments.