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Medvedev Tries Tough Love With US Leaders

The Russian government has come a long way from the moment George Bush looked into the eyes of then President Putin and saw a person with whom he could work. The Bush presidency has plunged Russia and the United States into the most hostile relationship since the collapse of the Soviet Union. President Medvedev told his nation, “I would like to stress we have no problem with the American people. We have no innate anti-Americanism. We hope that our partners–the new US administration–will make a choice in favor of fully-fledged relations with Russia.” He accused the Bush administration for creating regional tension by establishing US missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic and seeking to extend NATO into eastern Europe.

Most Russian leaders hope for a fresh start with Barack Obama since they regarded John McCain as simply George Bush with an even tougher verbal stance. Barack Obama offers hope to the American people for a new beginning, and hopefully he offers the same thing to the people of Russia.

Medvedev Still Fighting Bush

President Dimitry Medvedev made clear he continues to regard Bush as representing a Cold War mentality and he intends to make clear Russia will not back down. Bush pushed to establish missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic and has urged NATO membership for nations in eastern Europe. The Russian leader announced his nation would deploy missiles in territory near the Polish border in a defiant slap in the face of President Bush.

Hopefully, a President Obama will sit down and discuss Russian concerns with Medvedev in an effort to avoid initiating a new Cold War. Obama will be receptive to a Russian desire for peace and security. Medvedev may well be changing his mind by next spring.

Prague Charges Russia Plots To Halt Missile Bases

During the past year, President Bush has been pushing for construction of missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. Many people in the Czech Republic have opposed the bases and some polls indicate the number in opposition may represent about half the population of the country. A supporter of the bases, Jan Vidim claims Czech intelligence has evidence Russian spies are operating to stir up opposition to the planned bases. He cites evidence from the Czech Security Information Service(BIS) that Russian agents are openly “trying to influence the public. they have to be pretty sure about it.”

For some reason, members of parliament such as Vidim consider it perfectly appropriate for American agents and political leaders to propagandize for bases but if other nation try to implement similar plans they become “agents” and “spies” bent on destroying the Czech democracy. The United States spends millions trying to influence public opinion in dozens of nations so why should it be surprising that Russia is engaged in similar activities?

Poland Wants Bases Despite The Cost To Security

The Polish government is playing a dangerous game by linking its interests close to those of the United States. The decision to agree with President Bush’s desire for building missile bases in Poland may have solidified relations with America, but it has opened the Pandora’s box of anger with Russia. Twice in the 20h century, foreign nations used Polish territory to launch major invasions of Russia which resulted in the loss of over thirty million people. Lech Kaczynski, president of Poland, is besides himself with joy as he entertained visiting Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and when questioned about Russian remarks his nation was now a target of Russian missiles, he defiantly responded: “No one can dictate to Poland what it should do.” Brave, but most probably, foolish words.

The Polish government has forced the United States to station Patriot interceptor missiles on its territory, ostensibly for defensive purposes. Poland is now open for numerous Russian counter-attacks such as through means of cyber weapons or economic sanctions. John McCain may well shout expressions such as “we are all Georgians,” but few Americans believe that “we are all Poles.”

Poland Fears Resurgent Russia

Recent polls reveal half the Polish population fears a Russian assault on their nation which has resulted in a dramatic shift from opposing construction of a US missile base in their nation to large scale support for the idea. A prominent newsmagazine, Wprost ran a picture of Prime Minister Putin on its cover and on his face was a Hitler moustache. The people of Poland must recognize the Bush explanation for a missile defense is a complete lie. The very idea that a missile base was needed in Poland to prevent missiles from Iran is ludicrous. Why would Iran be firing missiles at European nations? If anything, they more logically would be headed towards Israel.

Polish political leaders do not hold strong belief in security that might be provided by the European Union. In an editorial in Rceczposolita, it was noted, “Berlin is avoiding any kind of confrontation. Because German has no level to expert pressure.” A difficulty preventing any significant action on the part of the European Union is lack of any agreed upon action that might seriously impact Russia. The Europeans obtain energy from Russia and the idea o resorting to military action is simply not in the cards.

US And Poland Sign Missile Base Deal

The United States and Poland have signed an agreement which allows construction of a missile base that would be staffed by American military personnel. Russia naturally reacted angrily and pointed out such a base containing missiles were a threat to its territorial integrity. Poland argues the base is needed in order to ensure it will not be attacked by a foreign nation. President Bush from the beginning has insisted the missile base was needed to protect Europe against possible missile attacks from rogue nations such as Iran or North Korea. The president has repeatedly insisted the base was not aimed at Russia. However, there apparently is now a change in tone as to the purpose of the base since the agreement ensures Poland of American assistance if it was to be attacked by another nation.

The missile base from the beginning has been cast in lies and deception. Bush turned down a Russian offer of constructing such a base in Russia while at the same time promising the Russian government the base was there to deal with rogue nations. Konstantin Koschyov of the Russian Parliament noted: “It is this kind of agreement, the the split between Russia and the United States over the problem of South Ossetia,l that may have a greater impact on the growth of tensions in Russian-American relations.”

American military planes will be stationed at the base and have orders to shoot down planes that might be headed toward Poland. The United States reacts with fury and anger if Russia even hints it might place planes in Cuba while at the same time placing planes and missile bases on the border of Russia.

Avoid Angering Russia Warns Polish Voice

An old voice from Poland’s past told reporters it is important to avoid angering the Russian government which carries within its soul traditional fears and anxieties about the outside world. General Wojciech Jaruzelski, who once headed Poland, emphasized “it is in the interests of the West.. to have a stable Russia. Russia’s history and some of its complexes must themselves be taken into account.” Even as he spoke, a Russian military parade was taking place in Moscow as Dimitry Medvedev was being sworn in as president. Jarulzelski described Russian leaders as “cold pragmatists and patriots” who regard the expansion of NATO eastward as a provocative move which they believe threatens their security as a nation. He warned his own country to be cautious, “Poland must be really careful not to be a troublemaker in this field.”

He saw no need for the bulding of missile bases in Poland. “I think Russia and Russians see all such installatiions… not only in Poland and the Czech Republic, but also in Turkey, for example– as another attempt to surround and entrap it.”

The voice may be from an old man who once held a position of power, but it speaks logic and reason in contemporary times. There is no threat of missiles from foreign nations and the Russian government understands that all too well. Building missle bases is simply another provocative action by George Bush.

Russia Demands Access To US Missile Bases

President Bush continues to insist the proposed missile bases that will be located in Poland and the Czech Republic do not pose any threat to Russia since they are mainly being installed in case of an Iranian or North Korean missile strike. Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, challenged the US position by requesting Russian millitary observers be allowed access to the radar installations. “For us, it is important that we should see second-by-second where the radar is looking and what is happening at the base in the Czech Republic.” Bush apparently turned down this Russian request although he was willing to allow occasional visits by members of the Russian military.

If the purpose of the missile bases is to ward off attacks by “rogue nations” and they are not directed at Russia, what prevents the Russians from participating in this venture to protect Europe from some attacks by unseen enemies? Wouldn’t it only strengthen the ability of Europe to destroy incoming missiles if Russia was part of the defense system? Or, is Bush really pushing for the missile bases as a clever ploy to create a military weapon that could be used against Russia?

Putin-Bush, Two Men Walking Road To Nowhere

Two men wearing identical blue suits chatted about various topics of interest pertaining to world peace but when it got down to agreeing on anything of substance, they retreated into an exchange of pleasantries. At best, President Putin of Russia could exclaim; “What is most important is the strtegic choice by our countries in favor of a constructive dialog.” President Bush met the new Russian president, Dimitry Medvedev and concluded, the Russian was a “smart fellow” who was not being pushy and asserting him self too quickly. However, the two leaders were unable to agree on the major topic of America’s desire to build missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. The Russians regard such installations as a provocative action which poses a threat to their security.

President Bush insists the United States has the right to “protect ourselves” against whom or what is still unclear. The only clear fact emerging from this meeting is it was between two men who possess a rather large ego. Hopefully, a new Americn president can work toward more concrete results with President Medvedev sometime next year.

Good News And Bad News For Putin

President Putin arrived in Bucharest to attend the NATO meeting only to encounter a mixtue of good and bad news. The aggressive actions of President Bush were both supported and rejected by NATO members. NATO nations rejected the application for membership by the Ukraine and Georgia due to fear such action would only anger the Russian government. The Russian people fear the presence of hostile forces on their borders due to the reality of twice in the twentieth century being invaded by forces from the West. However, it appears NATO will support attempts by President Bush to establish missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. Bush, and some politicians in Georgia and the Ukraine, warned it would be dangerous to allow Russian concerns to become influential in determining what is done by NATO.

NATO was born at a time when real threats were present from the Soviet Union but that era is long since past. There is no indication Russia contemplates any military action aganist the West despite the rantings and warnings by George Bush. The American leader needs “enemies” in order to continue justifying laws that threaten the rights and liberties of the American people and right now Russia serves his hysterical political agenda. The claim that bases are needed in Poland and the Czech Republic against “Iranian missiles” makes absolutely no sense. Why would Iran ever contemplate attacking western Europe? Bushism is the voice of fear, not reality.