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Russophobia–The New Communist Scare Tactic?

The downfall of the Soviet Union ushered in a period in which Russia was regarded as a nation in need of America’s help in order to enter the world of democracy. America’s leaders ignored the era of kleptomania in which wealthy men stole Russia’s natural resources and the lives of ordinary people suffered under inflation and limited work. Most of the current political campaign has revolved around Iraq, Afghanistan and terrorism, but recently Senator John McCain and Senator Hillary Clinton have introduced a new Russia scare as supposedly an important foreign policy issue. McCain has made insulting remarks about President Putin of Russia and Clinton has chimed in with her own negative comments about the Russian leader. McCain supports the Bush ploy to establish missle bases in Poland and the Czech Republic as supposedly weapons in the fight against Iran.

President Bush has taken an aggressive stand against Russia by supporting the NATO applications of the Ukraine and Georgia as well as fighting to create missile bases in nations adjoining the border of Russia. One can only wonder if a nation established missile bases in Mexico on the ground they were there to protect America against Venezuelan missiles how Bush would react. Without a doubt, not very favorably.

There is no indication the American public has bought into these attempts to divert attention from Iraq, Afghanistan, the recession and the real war against militant groups.

Bush Accepts Putin Invitation As McCain Attacks Putin

President George Bush surprised officials by accepting an invitation from President Putin of Russia for an informal meeting in early April to discuss several controversial issues. A source told the Moscow Times, “some members of the(Bush) administration, including those working in the field of interntional affairs, advised Bush not to hurry with an answer and not to accept the invitation” but apparently the president decided to ignore their advice. Bush wants to clarify the relationship between the two nations and deal with issues such as American construction of anti-missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. Putin has also expressd Russian concern over expansion of NATO to include the Ukraine and Georgia.

Meanwhile, Senator John McCain, the Republican candidate for president this November, blasted the Russian govenment and urged the Goup of Eight to drop plans to include Russia because of its “nuclear blackmail.” He said: “We should start by ensuring that the G-8..becomes a club of leading market democracies. It should include Bazil and India, but exclude Russia.” He made clear his policy would be to organize NATO to maintain opposition to Russia until there are changes in its government’s attitude toward the West.

Russia Not Rushin To Back Down

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made it clear his nation would not be bullied by the West and intended to be completely in charge of its own territory as well as its foreign affairs. He made it clear to the Britsh government that the British Council which promotes cultural and education ties is closed down for failing to obtain legal authorization to function. Lavrov was also critical of US plans for missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic which Russia views as a direct threat to its own defenses. London believes the action against the Council is a response to the dispute which arose between the two nations following the 2006 murder in London of Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian dissident. It is still unclear exactly what is the crime of the Council except in being British.

Lavov went on to denounce European and American decisions to support the aspirations of Kosovo for independence from Serbia. In addition to its close ties with Serbia, the Russian government is generally opposed to separatist movements, particularly since so many areas of the former Soviet Union left to become independent nationsl. One wonders if George Bush still believes after gazing into the eyes of President Putin he saw a man with whom he could negotiate.

Gorbachev Urges Patience With New Russian Democracy

Mikhail Gorbachev, former leader of the Soviet Union, urged a meeting of the World Political Forum, to have greater patience with Russia’s march toward democracy. In referring to recent tensions brought on by American insistence on missile bases in the Czech Republic and Poland, he said: “If you crucify us, we will be unable to cooperate with you. Russia is only halfway through to democratization progress now, but I expect the difference between Russis’s and the EU’s understanding of democracy and civil rights remain in the long run too.” Gorbachev urged Europeans to have more patience and to make greater efforts to understand the forces at play in Russia. His feelings were echoed by Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany of Hungary who noted, “The European Union has to build up a mutual conversation with Russia, instead of continuously judging its actions without an intention to understand them.”

Mikhail Gorbachev is a voice of reason, but even he is angry at the missile bases being built by the United States in nations adjacent to Russia. He emphasized that no Russian could accept the Bush claim the bases were there to protect Europe against an Iranian attack and also expressed hope Bush would not do anything as stupid as attacking Iran. There is little doubt Putin has seriously damaged democracy in Russia, but with a new president appearing on the scene this spring, there is hope a positive approach to Russia might reduce tensions. One easy way to assist the new president– who probably will be Dimity Medvedev– is to abandon the bases in Poland and the Czech Republic and take up Russia’s offer of creating a missile base which is under joint control of Russia and the United States.

“Thank God, Russia Is Not Iraq” Putin Tells His Nation

In a three hour televised program in which President Putin responded to questions from the Russian people, he assured the nation Russia would not be bullied by the United States in the manner in which they have behaved in Iraq. He also told the audience Russia will engage in a new program to develop nuclear weapons and is prepared to “take retaliatory steps” if the United States does not halt its missile plans in Poland and the Czech Republic. He was asked about his future political plans and indicated his concern about the need to improve the effectiveness of the Duma-Russia’s parliament. Putin, in violation of Russian law which forbids using television prior to November 3rd to engage in political activity, praised his United Russia party for its work in the Duma. The head of the Election Commission said no action would be taken against the president for his remarks. After all, he is Vladmir Putin and can say and do what he wants.

The madness of America placing missile bases in Europe to guard against missiles from Iran has resulted in a new Russian nuclear program. There is not the slightest indication Iran has any plans to attack Europe with missiles and Bush’s plans are only exacerbating problems in the area. Hopefully, a new president will end this senseless idea for missile bases against non-existant missiles.