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Medvedev Reaches Out To European Union

Several long years ago, President Bush looked into the soul of then President Putin and saw someone with whom he could get along. Since then, the ignorant, incompetent Bush has done everything possible to antagonize Russia and make it hostile to the United States. President Nicolas Sarkozy, who holds the current presidency of the EU has made efforts to reach out to Russia in oder to reduce tensions created by American blunders in building missile bases in Poland and supporting Georgia’s ill fated efforts in South Ossetia. European-Russian negotiations for a new Partnership and Cooperation Agreement will soon begin. Europe and Russia are working together on global crisis concerns, and Sarkozy blasted Bush’s ideas on anti-missile bases in Poland.

Russia is now the European Union’s third largest trading partner and it increasingly supplies extensive oil and gas to meet the needs of European nations. There is hope once Barack Obama becomes president in January he will join EU efforts to undo damage done by Bush’s incompetent behavior toward a major nation of the world.