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Russian Government Not Pleased With US Proposals On Missiles

The Russian government continues to be upset at American plans to establish missile bases in the Czech Republic and Poland. Leonid Slutsky, of the State Duma’s International Affairs Committee, claimed that American proposals fell far short of “real cooperation” and would not lead Russia to abandon its threat of suspending a key provision of a European arms agreement. The Russian government believes the United States has gone back on its word to work out a true cooperative solution to the problem.

This entire “problem” was created when the Bush administration decided there was need for missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic to guard the world against some unknown entity that wanted to fire missiles in that direction. The only two logical nations who might fall into the category of the “enemy” are North Korea and Iran. North Korea has already reached agreements with the United States about its nuclear and missile programs and Iran doesn’t possess the capability of attacking Western Europe. One might also raise the simple question as to whether or not this is a European Union issue, not one concerning the United States. Russia has indicated its willingness to cooperate and even place a missile defense system on its own territory. The failure of the Bush administration to develop this offer is merely another example of its ineptness, and success in making other nations doubt that America seeks peace.