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Ukraine– What’s In A Name?

The European Union declared yesterday it regards the Ukraine as a European nation which is a clear expression of support for the entry of that country into the EU. President Sarkozy, who currently leads the EU, said, “we say solemnly that Ukraine is a European country that shares a common history and values with European Union countries. It’s the first time that the European Union has expressed itself so clearly about Ukraine’s European role.”At the same time, EU leaders urge avoiding a new Cold War and acting in a calm manner.

There is no question the Ukraine is a European country, but it also has been part of Russia for hundreds of years which certainly gives it a Russian flavor. A key issue is the attempt by the European Union and the United States to revive the Cold War, not to avoid it from once again cropping up. The provocative establishment of missile bases on the border of Russia is certainly not an example of avoiding confrontation and conflict. Why are there missile bases in Poland? Please, let’s not hear the Bush rhetoric they are in place to guard against Iranian or North Korean missiles. Why would those nations be directing missiles at Europe?

Hizbuallah Has New Guided Missiles

Many Israel leaders have been arguing over the past several years in favor of policies that present a tough stance regarding Palestinian demands on the assumption time is on their side. Instead of confronting the reality of restoring the West Bank, Prime Minister Olmert and others fight to protect the rights of West Bank settlers whose presence endangers any prospect for peace. Hizbullah has just announced they now possess advanced Iranian supplied missiles capable of hitting deep inside Israel. Hizbullah promises to use those missiles if Israel launches an attack against their positions. The militant group also claims its missiles are equipped with a special mechanism which increases the accuracy of the missiles.

The constant mistake made by Israel leaders is believing time was on their side. It never was and never will be because there are so many more Arabs than Jews in the Middle East. The presence of wealthy Middle Eastern nations ensures militant groups like Hizbullah will be supplied with weapons. To believe, “knocking out” the Hizbullah missiles ends dangers is to live in fantasy.

Iran Defiant As Ever But Is Defiance The Road To Defeat?

The government of President Ahmadinejad continues issuing defiant statements which come close to daring other nations to unleash military action. Muammar Gaddafi, of Libya, who once tried that approach, warns the Iranian government, “What Iran is doing is pure vanity. If a decision is taken against Iran, it will suffer the same fate as Iraq.. Iran is no stronger than Iraq and will be unable to resist.” The reality is Iran’s oil areas could be bombed and production of the main source of revenue ended in a country where at least one out of three people lack meaningful work. There is no question Iran could fire missiles and some would cause serious damage, but the reality is counter blows by the American and Israeli air force would wipe out most Iranian centers of industry and communication.

Israeli General Daniel Milo told the press his nation has an effective response to all of Iran’s ballistic missiles. Israeli military experts did not see any significant technological breakthrough in recent Iranian missile tests. Iran boasts of new guided systems installed in the Shihab missile but Israel discounts there is any of importance.

Saddam Hussein overplayed his hand and boasted of his ability to handle any invading army, he is now dead. It is time for Iran to tone down the rhetoric of defiance and work with nations of the world. The alternative might be as Gaddafi points out, Iran will cease to exist.

Crossed Sabre Rattling Sounds In Middle East

The world wonders if sabres are being drawn or sheathed in the Middle East as Iran and Israel challenge one another with displays of missiles and simulated plane attacks. For the second straight day Tehran sent missiles on test runs while proclaiming defiantly to the world that it will not succumb to any Western pressures. It is clear Iran’s leaders do not with to portray any sign of weakness in the face of outside demands for change. It emphasized the Shahab-3 which can go about 1,250 miles is sending a “message to our enemies.” However, Pentagon experts noted only one missile actually was launched and, apparently, a second one never got into the air.

Secretary of State Rice responded to the Iran message by saying, “we are sending a message to Iran that we will defend American interests and the interests of our allies.” The Israel Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, also sent a message that “Israel has proved in the past it is not afraid to take action when its vital security interests are at stake.”

Undoubtedly, Western Union was scurrying hither and dither delivering all these messages, but the most important one has yet to be sent. The Middle East, at this juncture in time, can not be the scene of missiles flying from one country to another without creating complete chaos in the region. Barack Obama has urged diplomatic action and, hopefully, that will be an option come January of next year.

Iran Missiles More Potent Than Previously Believed

The recent firing of missiles by Iran has been carefully monitored by American tracking systems in order to learn more concerning the capabilities of the Iranian military. It appears
Tehran’s long range Shahab-3 missile can go a distance of about 1,250 miles which is longer than what US military experts believed was capable of the Iranian armed forces. A major question that is still unresolved is the accuracy of the missiles. Secretary of Defense Gates said initial reports furnished him suggest the Iranian capability was somewhat further than previously believed. “The fact is they’ve just tested a missile that has a pretty extended range.”

US officials warned Iran they must cease making these provocative moves and focus on peaceful resolution of differences with the West. However, the Iranian missile test was most probably in retaliation for the Israel air force display a few weeks ago. Gates insists the Bush administration is still relying on diplomatic and economic approaches to obtain peace, but this is not the first time in history nations waved their weapons and a miscalculation resulted in war.

Bush Weapons Of Mass Destruction Finally Identified!

The world has long awaited to know what President Bush meant when he claimed there were weapons of mass destruction that could create chaos in the world. In his obsession for WMD, the president has exerted pressure upon the Czech Republic and Poland to allow the United States to place its own WMD on their soil ostensibly designed to ward off missiles from rogue nations such as Iran(originally North Korea was mentioned but that nation has agreed to cooperate). The Russian government has been justifiably infuriated at the prospect of missile bases on its border aimed at non-existent threats. Its Foreign Ministry issued a statement that if plans proceed for the installation of such weapons in Poland or the Czech Republic, “we will be forced to react not with diplomatic but with military-technical methods.”

In February, Prime Minister Putin(then president) warned the presence of such missiles would result in deployment of Russian missiles to the Baltic Sea area and they would be aimed at Poland and the Czech Republic.

There is no threat of Iran firing missiles at Europe. George Bush once again has created a problem that does not exist in order to demonstrate his bravado and ineptness as a leader. The unanswered question is why does the European Union support such a ridiculous idea. Russia has every right to be upset. One can only wonder at a Bush response to missiles being placed in Mexico against possible Iranian missiles!

Russia Warns Baltics Over US Missiles!

One of the outstanding characteristics of the Bush administration is its ability to create problems for no other reason than because the president wanted to create them. Last week, the Pentagon suggested if current talks break down with Poland for the establishment of missile bases in that nation, they might be placed in Lithuania. These comments have aroused the fury of the Russian government which regards the presence of US missiles on its boundary as a deliberate provocation. the Russian Duma issues a statement warning Lithuania allowing missiles in its nation”will lead to a change of the Russian Federation’s approach to military security in the Baltics which is currently based on the principles of minimal sufficient military presence.”

There is absolutely no rationale for placing missiles on the border of Russia other than to deliberately provoke its government. The Bush argument they are necessary against a possible Iranian missile attack is ridiculous. Why would Iran fire missiles at Europe and, if that is an issue, why doesn’t Europe handle the situation?

George Bush continues blundering his way across the world creating problems and difficulties the next president will inherit and have to handle.

Iran:We Will Retaliate If Attacked

General Mahmoud Chaharbagh, a top commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, threatened immediate military action if his nation was attacked. “Enemy bases and positions have been identified…The Guards ground force will fire 11,000 rockets into identified enemy positions within the first minute of any aggression against Iranian territory.” Granted, there is typical military hubris in claiming one’s forces are capable of defeating an enemy, but there is scant doubt Iran has missiles and is capable of firing them at American and Israel positions. If one assumes 90% of the rockets are destroyed prior to landing, that still leaves about a thousand missiles crashing into Israel or American positions. If such an attack happened it would invariably result in further American/Israel attacks on Iran, and, most probably, a land invasion. That would be a disaster for America and Israel as well as for the entire Middle East. War with Iran dooms any chance for resolution of the Palestinian/Israel conflict. It would compel many Muslim nations to distance themselves from the United States for fear of antagonizing their population.

Russians And Americans Fail Reaching Missile Agreement

The recent visit by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates failed to achieve an agreement with Russians on the issue of America establishing missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. Putin in an angry statement commented: “We might decide some day to set up a missile defense system on the moon, but until then, the opportunity for an agreement might be lost while you realize your plans.” He also threatened to have Russia withdraw from the Intermediate-Missile Nuclear Forces Treaty if the pact is not applied to all countries. Secretary Gates discounted the anger of Russians by claiming, “when they’re hit with new ideas, they basically go to a default position of a defensive crouch, until they really have time to thank about it and consider it.”

The Gates comment is fascinating since it comes from someone in the Bush administration. Accusing other nations of becoming “defensive” when hit by “new ideas” is an incredible comment from a member of the Bush team which consistently refuses to listen to any one who differs with their world view. Is Gates claiming President Bush is receptive to new initiatives? Is he claiming Bush avoids getting into a “defensive crouch” if someone differs with his views on the world?

This entire missile base issue is an example of Bush creating problems. Initially, the rationale for the missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic was fear of Iranian and North Korean missiles. We have just reached agreements with North Korea so that eliminates one source of potential missiles. Does anyone really believe Iran is threatening to send missiles to Europe!! This web site has been extremely critical of President Putin’s anti-democratic policies, but on the missile issue he is absolutely correct. There is absolutely no need for such a system– at this point in time.