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Which Comes First –End Settlements Or Talk?

The Israel-Palestine conflict increasingly resembles an old vaudeville act in which each side insists the other make the first move toward peace. The current assessment in Jerusalem is serious negotiations will not resume until the Obama administration is able to work out an agreement with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the West Bank expansion of settlements issue. The US State Department has send invitations to various Arab leaders urging their support in order to foster a peace agreement in the Middle East. Mitchell is seeking some dramatic event from Arabs that would place Netanyahu in a situation in which he must take positive steps for peace.

A major problem is lack of visionary leadership from either Israel or Arab nations. Mundane leaders display mundane attitudes and are unable to make a move that captures attention of the world that sets in motion action toward peace.

Obama Works For Peace In Middle East-Termed “Racist”

George Mitchell, the Middle East envoy sent by President Obama in order to work with Palestinians and Israelis for peace, told Palestinians he is still on the task, but has not yet reached the end of the process. He told President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority Israel has yet to agree on the West Bank settlement issue. “We are discussing the issue but we didn’t conclude an agreement yet with the Israelis.” Unfortunately, the former US senator might talk and talk but he is dealing with Benjamin Netanyahu who would run in the opposite direction if given an actual plan that would bring peace to the people of Israel. Mitchell emphasized that President Obama is not backing away from the peace process and intends to work toward resolution of the West Bank settlement problem.

A Rabbi Eliezer Waldman from the West Bank told the press that President Obama was “a racist.” This comment exemplifies the level of intellectual discourse within Israel on the topic of peace. I am perplexed. How can Obama be a “racist” in regard to Israelis? Is the assumption of the good Rabbi that Jews are “a race?” If so, perhaps he can explain to the world to which race do Jews belong.

Israel must compromise in order to achieve its half century goal of peace.