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Romney Quits Race-Insults Democratic Party!

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney decided to suspend his presidential race and, literally, turn over the nomination to Senator John McCain. His concession speech contained insulting language which is inappropriate for a man who aspired to the presidential nomination of this nation. “If I fight on in my campaign,” he said, “all the way to the conventin, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator Clinton or Obama would win. And, in a time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign be part of aiding a surrender to terror.”

To assume victory by either Senator Hillary Clinton or Senator Barack Obama signifies some sort of “surrender to terror” not merely insults these two outstanding Americans, but insults everyone in this nation who opposes the failed policies of Geroge Bush. Most Americans want this year’s presidential race to be one in which all parties maintain respect for the integrity and dignity of one another. We have had enough of George Bush slime and invective. Mitt Romney is a disgrace to anyone who voted for him. His filthy mouthed slanders belong in the garbage bins of history.

Mitt Romney- A Man For All Seasons

As voters prepare to cast their ballots in Iowa this week, the candidacy of former Governor Mitt Romney will be a centerpiece for Republican hopes. His campaign is well funded since he has the necessary money to present his views, but more important is the continual ethical issues presented by his candidacy. While Rudy Giuliani is frequently attacked for bombastic boasting, Romney increasingly raises eyebrows for his tendency to say whatever will please voters, regardless of the fact the day prior he said something different. As governor of Massachusetts, he supported Bush tax cuts, and never came out against legal or illegal immigrants. Last week, when asked if he would attack Senator John McCain on immigration, Romney indcated he would hold off, but yesterday his ads blasting away at McCain on immigration were being shown all over Iowa.

Earlier this year, Romney claimed to be a hunter all his life, but investigation revealed he had only hunted three times and didn’t even possess a rifle. He claimed to have support from the National Rifle Association in his gubernatorial campaigns, but later admitted that mainly consisted of a few NRA members doing pone calling. There is no question Romney is a clean-cut man who has never been involved in any scandals, but the continual petty distortions and and switching of positions will undoubtedly doom his chances for obtaining the Republican nomination. He is a man for all seasons, he is a man for all voters, he is a man for all viewpoints, he is a pandering man, and he has now run smack into a Huckabee whose humor and refusal to alter views will probably lead to victory over Romney this week.

In a sense, Mitt Romney’s campaign has run into the same problems as has Hillary Clinton’s pursuit of the nomination. Both come across as seeking votes rather than as presenting views in which they believe even if sticking to principles loses votes. This year, the American voter seeks candidates who adhere to principles and are willing to place the interests of the nation before anything else. Perhaps, a loss in Iowa will give Romney some additional time to go out hunting with his non-existant rifle in a forest of lies and distortion. Mitt, you had a good shot at the nomination, but you just fired blanks.