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Legacy Of World War II– Mixed Race Japanese Babies

The American occupation of Japan left a legacy of democracy and a pacifist Constitution, but it also left thousands of mixed race children born to Japanese mothers and American fathers. Unfortunately, for the babies, most of the Americans headed home and left the child with a woman dealing with the postwar poverty which devastated her nation. Miki Sawada, in 1963 opened an orphanage for these children, many of whom were not only deserted by their fathers, but abandoned by their mothers. She encountered few, if any, American soldiers who wanted to assume any responsibility for the child they had fathered. In race conscious Japan, a child with western features invariably encountered prejudice at school or work.

One can only wonder if sixty years later, Japanese people continue to display such prejudice against children who are of Asian and Western parents? Hopefully, a Japan which is linked economically and politically with the world has become socially more democratic in being able to accept children who represent the best of two worlds.