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Remain In Bunker, Say Israel MKs!

Members of the Knesset from every party except Labor urged Prime Minister Netanyahu not to give in to pressure from President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who want an agreement that recognizes the existence of a Palestinian state. Likud MK Danny Danon summed up the feelings of most members of the legislature by saying: “the press has been spreading the message that the good of the nation requires two states for two peoples and people have been accepting it even within Likud. There were elections, which gave mandate to the nationalist camp and not to a Palestinian state.” Even Prime Minister Netanyahu’s sister-in-law came out in support of this position.

The reality is hiding in a bunker while the rest of the world–the United States, the European Union, Turkey, Japan and virtually all Arab nations– want peace and reconciliation based on a two state solution is not only a symptom of an inability to accept reality, but also suggests the Likud crowd has no program other than digging the hole deeper, and the hole is not going to China, it is just going deeper. Israel, wake up to reality, even American Jews now support the two state solution. So, would you prefer being all alone in the world?