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Iran Demands Return Of Rebels

The Iranian government has supported terrorist groups in many areas of the Middle East, but is now furious at Iraq and the United States for failure to deal with the Mojahedin Khaiq Organization (MKO) which is an Iranian group that seeks to overthrow the present government of Iran. The Iranian ambassador in Iraq has demanded these rebels be turned over to Iran for what most probably would be a death sentence. MKO members fought alongside Iraq troops during the war between the two nations in the 1980s. Iraq has told the MKO they will be expelled from their nation so it is best they move along.

The MKO could be a bargaining chip for Barack Obama in negotiations with the Iran government since America could ensure their supplies were cut off and they were dispersed to other parts of the world.

Are Opponents Of Iran Members Of Terrorist Groups?

The nation of Iran jails women who speak out in favor of female rights, it discriminates against members of the Bahai faith, it has stoned to death people guilty of adultery, and yet it seeks cooperation from other nations in helping it track down “terrorists.” The Finnish Ministry of Justice is considering the request of Iran to have two Iranians arrested and returned to the jurisdiction of Iran on grounds they are members of a terrorist group. The men were in Finland in preparation from a visit by Iranian human rights advocates. Finland’s constitution prevents the extradition of anyone to a nation where they might face the death penalty, torture or other inhumane treatment. The Iranian ambassador to Finland says the men have committed crimes and are part of the MKO, which its government considers to be a terrorist group.

The European Court has ruled the MKO is not a terrorist group. The use of words such as “terrorist” have led to considerable confusion in modern times. George Bush accused a variety of people of either being “terrorists” or cooperating with them. Perhaps, it is time to review the meaning of this expression.

Iran Demands Return Of Dissidents In Iraq

Iranian leaders are demanding return of members of the Mojahedn Kahiq Organization(MKO) who comprise Iranians at odds with the existing regime. Member of Paliament Esmaeil Kosari, said Iraq had no right to extend for six months departure of MKO fighters and should immediately deport them to Iran where they face trial, and, most probably execution. The MKO for years has conducted guerrilla style war against Iran in an effort to destabilize the government and lead to its overthrow. Some Iraqi MPs have urged the government to place MKO members on trial and then deport them to Iran. American forces have never taken any military action against a group which allegedly is engaged in terrorist activities — but, of course, since those ventures are against Iran it does not really count as an example of terrorism. It depends on who one is using terrorism against in the Bush view of life.

There is scant doubt returning MKO soldiers to Iran means a certain death, or, at best, years in prison. Most probably, the best solution is repatriating them to an Arab land which would allow them to enter. Does such a nation exist is the real queston.