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Kenya Impasse Results In Mob Violence

The struggle to create a new Kenya government which represents the interests of all parties and confronts the election debacle caused by President Kibaki’s vote manipulation, continues without any final resolution. Kibaki has agreed with opposition leader Raila Odinga’s demand for creation of a prime minister, but he is fighting to reduce the power of that office. Raila Odinga insists he has full confidence in the mediation team headed by Kofi Annan, and he received support from prominent parliamentary leader, Frances Ole Kaparo who urged a shift away from an imperial presidency towards a partilamentary system of governance.

As politicians endeavored to establish the basis of government, many Kenyans are witnessing gangs take over their businesses or apartments. Ms. Pascalia Njuku Mutuku told a reporter for the Daily Standard a gang had simply taken over her apartment buildings, evicted her from the premises, and assumed the role of landlord. Similar stories are reported all over Kenya as mob and ethnic rule has become the order of the day.

Does President Kibaki ever ponder the effects of his blatant stealing of an election? Had he simply accepted the voice of the electorate he would have gone down in history as a man who placed interests of the nation in front of his own needs for power. A perennial problem in Africa is the presence of men like Kibaki. Africa needs more Nelson Mandelas.