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Malaysian Model Seeks Public Flogging

Malaysian model, Kartika San Dewi Shukam went out for a drink with friends and was arrested for violating Muslim law which forbids alcohol. A Sharia court sentenced the young mother to be flogged for her imudence in drinking liquor. Ms. Shukam is the first woman to be tried and found guilty under Muslim law against the use of alcohol. The flogging was to take place inside the prison, but she is seeking to have it made public. “If other Muslims can see me being canned, I will hope it will convicne them not to drink.”

Of course, there is another way to interpret the consequence of a public flogging. It might will persuade Muslim women who are being abused by their spouses to remain silent in the face of oppression if they believed speaking out for freedom could result in a public flogging. The message sent by this woman to her own daughter is to accept oppression meekly.

Malaysian Model Sentenced To Caning For Beer

The decision by an Islamic court to impose a fine and caning to a Malaysian model for the crime of having a beer has shocked many people in the nation. Malaysia is a multicultural nation although a majority of its inhabitants are Muslim and this has resulted in creating a Sharia court system alongside the civil courts. Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno will receive six strokes because she consumed alcohol in eastern Pahang state last year. Amnesty International Malaysia executive director, Nora Murat made clear “the punishment of whipping is defined as torture and hence we should not in any way condone it. This is the wrong way to educate anyone about religion. When the sin is between her and God, there is always an option of being repentant. It’s up to God to decide on her faith, and not people.”

Islamic Mufti Harussani Zakaria responded the punishment was lenient and it “was meted out on her just to shame and educate her.” I gather there are Muslim clerics who actually believe a few strokes will end consumption of alcohol. We suggest they read a book about Prohibition in America to learn the idiocy of such a line of reasoning. If the goal is ending alcoholism, strokes of a cane do more to further this form of behavior than any other line of punishment. Perhaps, an education program might be a bit more successful.

P.S. How many Malaysian men have been caned due to drinking alcohol?