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Are Indonesian Moderate Muslims Losing Battle?

Many Indonesian moderate Muslims increasingly are concerned if their nation’s historic pluralistic approach to religion is being overwhelmed by more radical extremists who seek to impose strict Islamic ideas on the nation. They wonder how deep is the moderate Muslim feeling within their nation in light of recent events such as passage of an anti-pornographic law which could be used against those who fundamentalists regard as opposing their views on life or the banning of the Jamaah Ahmadiyah minority sect which has its own interpretation of the Muslim religion. There is also evidence in some areas of Indonesia that local authorities are imposing a variation of Sharia law within their own jurisdictions.

Indonesian women have never gotten into what in some other Muslim nations is termed “traditional Muslim dress” such as the burka or wearing the chador. The assumption of some experts is the average Indonesian voter is pragmatic and votes for candidates who can bring prosperity and deal with their immediate needs. If moderates can achieve those goals, they will gain support of most Indonesian Muslims.