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Tragedy of Somalia-Ethiopians Vs Somalians

After a year in which the invading Ethiopian troops continue occupying Somalia in an effort to crsush Islamic militants, war and bloodshed continue to wrack the nation’s capital. Ethiopian troops moved against the Bakara market area in Mogadishu and were met by Islamic militants and gunfire broke out. Mortar shells ripped into the market area which supposedly is a hotbed of insurgency and many buildings were also hit resulting in the death or wounding of dozens of civilians. At one point, Ethiopian tanks fired point blank into the Bakara market area.

The American inspired Ethiopian invasion of Somalia which allegedly was intended to crush Islamic fundamentalists has ground down to an ongoing fight between the forces of Christian Ethiopia fighting Muslim insurgents. At least 6,500 people have been killed over the past year and another 600,00 have fled Mogadishu. Perhaps, it is time for Ethiopian troops to leave since they will always be regarded as enemies of the Somalian people. Perhaps a Muslim led international force could restore some semblance of law and order to the unfortunate people of Somalia.