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Cry The Beloved Country Of Somalia

The old saying about the evil men do lives on after them is all so evident in what is happening in Somalia. In the 19th century, European colonialists invaded east Africa and carved out the nation of “Somalia.” Naturally, in the process that brought together diverse peoples who were more clan centered than having feelings regarding the nation of Somalia. The area became a playground during the Cold War for the Soviet Union and the United States to engage in a struggle for supremacy. In the aftermath of 9/11, the Bush administration became convinced terrorists were in Somalia and urged the Ethiopian government two years ago to send in an invading army. This outside force drove an Islamic government which was in the process of attempting to create some semblance of law and order.

The Christian invaders left several months ago which resulted in the current civil war among Muslim groups and clans to determine which will sit in the capital of Mogadishu. During the past three months over 200,000 people have fled the city to join an estimated half million refugees. Perhaps, the best thing the outside world at this juncture can do is simply allow Islamic groups to vie for power and wait until the dust settles.

Bush Legacy In Somalia Lives On After His Departure

Two years ago, President Bush in his quest to “spread democracy” exerted pressure on the government of Christian Ethiopia to invade Muslim Somalia and destroy its government. The invasion of Christians roused the anger of large segments of the Somalia population, and within months the Ethiopians were bogged down in guerrilla warfare. After two years of constant fighting and few success stories, the Ethiopians departed and went home. However, they left behind chaos as Islamist groups vied for power. The end result is that Muslim groups who are sympathetic to al-Qaeda are now gearing up to assume power — or what passes for power– in Somalia.

The other day, Somalia Islamist groups beheaded seven men who were charged with abandoning their religion and had assisted foreign groups to gain power in their country. Fighting rages in the capital as various Muslim groups seek to destroy the others and gain power.

One can only wonder what President Bush back in Texas thinks about the mess he helped to create in another country.

Cry The Beloved Country Of Somalia

Americans continually cite the impact of 9/11 on their nation and the need to address concerns about terrorism. But, few pundits who are so willing to shout and declaim about the need to defeat international terrorism deal with the impact of American actions on nations of the world. Two years ago, President Bush encouraged Christian Ethiopia to invade Somalia and overthrow an Islamist government in the name of ending terrorism. Fast forward three years and the Ethiopians are gone, the Americans pretend they had nothing to do with violence in Somalia, and the people of that unfortunate nation are trapped in a vicious civil war between Islamist factions.

During the past several weeks hundreds have been killed in Mogadishu and over a hundred thousand forced to flee for their lives as Islamist factions kill one another and any civilian who gets in their way. Of course, George Bush is chopping wood in Texas and Dick Cheney is picking up thousands for his speeches, but the fruit of their intrigue has turned rotten.

Vioence Escalates In Somalia

During the closing months of 2006, the Bush administration urged the Ethiopian government to invade Somalia in order to crsuh what it believed was a fundamentalist Islamic government. In the ensuing warfare, the Ethiopian army easily crushed the Islamic fighters for the Somalian government. Defeating an Islamic army was one thing, but since then there has been ongoing conflict between the Ethiopians and their Somali allies versus the majority of people in Somalia. Over the past weekend, 81 people died in fighting in Mogadishu and 119 others were wounded as the coalition force battled Islamic forces in the streets of the nation’s capitol. Residents said the fighting was among the worst in recent months.

President Bush has consistenly been incorrect on every effort to crush Islamic fundamentalists. In each case, his actions have only served to increase the number of terrorists and make civilians suffer even more. The last thing any Muslim nation needs is to be “helped” by George Bush.

Chaos Accelerates In Somalia

The situation in Somalia continues its rapid decline into even more chaos than previously has been characteristic of this nation. The United Nations estimates about 1,000,000 people are now refugees in their own land and at least 200,000 have fled the capital of Mogadishu in the past two weeks. Several months ago, an Ethiopian invasion urged on by President Bush led to the overthrow of an Islamic fundamentalist government and the creation of an interim Muslim government lacking power or authority. The UN Commissioner For Refugees(UNHCR) describes “Families continue to lack proper shelter and consistently resort to using any material– including plastic bags– to patch up their tukuls–flimsy dome-shaped shelters.” The UN authorized a force of 8,000 soldiers to assist in the area but only 1,600 Ugandans are in Somalia.

George Bush is convinced that any type of Muslim government ruled by Islamic fundamentalist must, by definition, be a terrorist organization. He encouraged Ethiopia, a basically Christian nation, to overthrow a Muslim government and the result is even more chaos. Unfortunately, President Bush can not impose his will on people who detest his world perspective. Perhaps, America must, at times, accept the presence of a Muslim government that does not meet its standards because the alternative is chaos in the lives of millions of innocent people.

Somali Fighting Continues– 80 Dead, Hundreds Wounded

Fighting continues in Somalia’s capital as Ethiopian and Islamic forces clash over control in the nation’s largest city. The number of dead ranges from 60-80 and hospitals report at least 250 wounded. The Ethiopian army was enraged when one of their soldiers was killed and his body dragged through the streets to cheers. This initiated a rampage of fury as Ethiopian soldiers fired indiscriminately at civilians, many of whom were trying to flee for safety. A local elder, Ali Muse Mohamed described the scene: “It is a very gruesome scene. They indiscriminately shot innocent civilians who were fleeing the fighting.” There are reports of many children being killed and at least 114,000 have left Mogadishu in the past week. This brings the total of displaced people since the Ethiopian invasion to a total of 850,000. There have been no protests from American authorities even though the United States provided naval and air support for the Ethiopians.

Many conservative critics note as justification for the chaos that Ethiopians replaced an oppressive Islamic government. Of course, the same argument is used by President Bush to explain away the chaos in Iraq. The only conclusion one can reach is whenever Bush engages in foreign policy ventures, the result will be violence and people displaced from their homes.