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Can M—–d Be A Teddy Bear?

Police are surrounding studios of South Park after this infamous terrorist group attempted to disrupt the entire Muslim world by a show in which the “M Man” is depicted as being a giant Teddy Bear. Muslim websites exploded in fury that anyone could depict their M-Man in any visual shape or form, particularly those of the non-Muslim faiths. The episode has Tom Cruise saying the only way to prevent a law suit against the town is to arrange a meeting between him and the Prophet Mohamed. “Mohamed has a power that makes him impervious to being made fun of. What if we could harness that power?”

The Revolution Muslim website warned that anyone connected with this show faced the prospect of death for insulting their “M-Man.” The show is now airing with a “censored ” label and instead of a Teddy Bear old reliable Santa Claus appears. As of this point, this blogger has not received any communication from the “M-Man” as to his reaction to being denied an appearance on South Park.

My question is: if we cannot depict the “M-Man” does that mean Muslims are not allowed to offer insulting cartoons about Jews?

US Coerced Guantanamo Prisoner To Be Quiet

The United States offered Guanatanamo inmate, Binyam Mohamed a plea bargain if he would agree never to discuss the fact he was tortured in the prison and avoided instituting any legal action against the American government. He was assured that if he pleaded guilty to two charges of terrorism he would only serve a three year term. Mr. Mohamed has the strange idea that he is innocent and does not understand why he must plead guilty to something that was never done in order to get American officials off the hook for their disregard for law. His lawyer put it bluntly: “this reflects the way he US government has consistently tried to cover up the truth of Binyam Mohamed’s torture. He was being told he would never leave Guantanamo Bay unless he promised never to discuss his torture, and never sue either the Americans or the British to force disclosure of his mistreatment.

The truth has emerged for the moment but the entire truth will not emerge until the American government institutes a Truth and Reconciliation Commission which examines all aspects of the horror that is known as Guantanamo. The Bush legacy must be exposed.

Guantanamo Detainee Was Tortured And British Knew

Binyam Mohamed, a British citizen who has just been released from Guantanamo claims he was subjected to terrible torture and the British government knew all about the use of harsh methods of interrogation, but refused to do anything. He was arrested in Pakistan and then flown to Rabat in Morocco where his chest and genitals were repeatedly cut. Human rights groups want Foreign Secretary David Miliband to release all documents related to the imprisonment and methods used in questioning Mr. Mohamed. The detainee says British sources must have provided questions to his interrogators because many related to his specific places of living in London. He claims they had files provided by British sources to use in questioning him.

There are documents which reveal requests from MI5 to the CIA asking that certain questions be posed while he was in Guantanamo. “We would be grateful if the following could be put to Binyam Mohamed, in addition to the questioning above” was a document that has been released.

Isn’t it time for a Truth Commission which examines violations of the law?