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Danish Apologize For Cartoons

We can assume it was a comic relief for the Danish newspaper, Politiken to finally get Muslim nations off its back by issuing an apology for printing cartoons which depict the Prophet Mohammed. It issued the apology to eight Muslim organizations in exchange for having legal action against it ended. The apology states it was never the intention of the newspaper to offend Muslims in Denmark or elsewhere and assured the world, “we apologize to anyone who was offended by our decision to reprint the cartoon drawing.” Politiken editor, Tager Seidenfaden hoped the apology would restore his nation’s good relations with Muslim nations.

If printing cartoons is a reprehensible offense, one can only wonder if Politiken will offer Tiger Woods and other luminaries who are continually subject to editorial abuse an apology. Then, again, I am glad Adolf Hitler is dead or someone would most probably be issuing an apology for insulting the beloved German leader.