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Danish Cartoon War Resumes

The war over Danish cartoons that allegedly depicted Mohammed in a despicable manner were still raging in Denmark after Uffe llemann-Jensen, former foreign minister, charged the newspaper which presented the cartoons as delibertately attempting to create a controversy. Elleman-Jensen claimed in a radio broadcast the newspaper deliberately commissioned caricatures of the prophet, thereby making a conscious attempt to throw mud on the religious views of Muslims. The newspaper denied the allegation and said the original commission was for cartoonists to come up with their own interpretation of how to depict Mohammed.

Mr. Elleman-Jensen has every right to express his views on this issue, but he misses the point of free speech. It makes no difference whether or not the caricatures were deliberately commissioned or not, anymore than it is of importance the newspaper went out of its way to anger some Muslims. Free speech allows people to be idiots, to be callous, to be wrong, that is the meaning of free speech. No one is compelled in the media to satisfy the feelings of every person. A newspaper is purchased, if a Muslim or non-Muslim didn’t like the cartoon sketches they simply should not purchase the newspaper.