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Nepal To Abolish Monarchy

The Nepal monarchy is not expected to be part of the nation’s ruling elite much longer than a few weeks as a newly elected Assembly meets to formally end the kingdom of Nepal which has been in existence for 239 years and proclaim a republic. The government has banned all demonstrations in and around the royal palace and the private homes of King Gyanendra in order to avoid any incident of violence against him by a population which has grown to distrust his rule. The radical Maoists won a surprise election in April during which they campaigned to remove the king.

However, Dinanath Sharma, a senior leader of the Maoists said “we have urged the people to come to the st reets on that day(voting to abolish the monarchy) to celebrate the republic day.’ The Maoists have a day of celebration but then must turn to many problems that will face the new republic including dealing wth poverty and creating a viable democracy.