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New Violence In Tibet

New violence has broken out in volatile Tibet leaving a reported eight dead according to Tibetan human rights sources. The London based Free Tibet Campaign said police on Friday fired on hundreds of Buddhist monks and civilians who marched on local government offices to demand the release of two monks who were detained for possessing photographs of the Dalai Lama. Xinhua News Agency, which represents the views of the Chinese government, reported that government official was seriously injured in some type of conflict with someone, most probably the so-called “suicide squads” supposedly organized by “terrorist” Tibetans. According to official reports, an official was “attacked and seriously wounded” which necessitated the police to fire “warning shots and put down the volence.”

Spokespeople for the Free Tibet Campain insist the incident began due to efforts of Chinese officials to compel monks to denounce the Dalai Lama and when monks refused to allow entry into the Garze monastery, a conflict to ensued. This resulted in 700 monks and 400 civilians marching on a local government headquaters where the shooting began. Wtnesses said at least three monks and a woman were among the dead.

The Chinese government is doing everything in its power to cause protests, and even boycotts of the Olympics. If more monks are killed it might result in some athletes of government to boycott the entire Olympics.

Burma Military Junta Claims Only 15 Killed

The Burmese military government reported a higher death toll during the recent demonstrations for democracy in Myanmar than previously noted. They told Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, a special UN envoy that 114 Burmese nationals and a Japanese photojournalist were the people killed during demonstrations. Pinheio concluded a five day mission to Burma where he was told by the military leaders there were no incidents in which monks were killed. “My visit was not a full-fledged fact-finding mission because five days and I have interviewed prisoners, met monks, it was very much contact with the government authorities which is very useful for me to have a full consideration of all aspects of the crisis.” The human rights investigator is still int he process of examining evidence before he can conclude making his final report.

There is something strange about the claim of the Burmese military since during the demonstrations there were photos of the bodies of dead monks lying in the water and reports from eye-witnesses they saw monks beaten and killed. Perhaps, this evidence was made up by those hostile to the benevolent Burmese military dictatorship, perhaps, it is merely the anger of a few disgruntled Burmese people harboring grudges against a brutal oppressive regime which has denied human rights for over twenty years. I suspect eventually the real death toll will creep up to the hundreds.