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Iran Ex-Prosecutor Blamed For Torture And Deaths

It came as no surprise when an investigative committee of the Iranian judiciary found Saeed Mortazavi, Tehran city prosecutor guilty of allowing prisoners to be beaten to death. After months of denial, Iran’s judiciary acknowledged that three detainees were beaten to death by their jailers. Mortazavi personally ordered the prisoners to be taken to Kahrizak where the beatings took place. Iran’s judiciary also charged 12 officials at Kahrizak, including three charged with murder. Reformers have dubbed Mortazvi, the “butcher of the press” and the “torturer of Tehran,” because he was responsible for closing dozens of newspapers and undoubtedly played a role in brutalizing those who were jaile.

The findings by the judiciary are in line with charges leveled by opposition leaders which the government has termed merely the work of foreign interests who seek to defame the Iranian government. What now for President Ahmadinejad who constantly blames opposition leaders for lying, but the truth has come out– he is the liar!