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Zimbabwe Stumbles Along–The Same Way?

Morgan Tsvangirai is trying to elicit support from donor nations in the world in order to organize some semblance of stability in a nation that has collapsed, but he is not being helped by President Mugabe whose only thought is maintenance of power. There is hope Mugabe’s fellow thugs might finally release a supporter of Tsvangirai from prison where he has been charged with crimes he did NOT commit. At a time when the outside world wants the economy to function President Mugabe has announced he wants to finally rid the nation of white farmers whose farms undoubtedly still function. Most probably if they are evicted some henchmen of Mugabe will take the farms and run them into the ground as they have done other farms.

A group of Zimbabwe lawyers tried to place an ad in the state owned Herald newspaper about their efforts to monitor the implementation of the power sharing agreement and were denied. President Mugabe still cannot grasp his dictatorial behavior and power grabbing of land will turn off foreign investors and there will be no foreign aid. The situation is hopeless as long as he retains any power.