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British Play Banned By Putin Government

In the fantasy land of Vladmir Putin, the government can never make a mistake so what else could Russian authorities do but ban a controversial new British play which opened in Moscow and closed that night. the play, “In Your Hands” seeks to recreate the horror of the siege of a theater when Chechen rebels took hostage more than 800 theater-goers in 2002. As a result of the siege, over 100 people died due to a botched use of gas to flush out militants in the theater. Natalia Pelevine’s play, includes actors dressed as terrorists who run through the audience attempting to recreate events during that difficult time. The play opened in the city of Makhachkala mainly because her Russian friends warned it would never be allowed to play in Moscow.

Skandarbek Tulpanov, the play’s director, said: “This is the first play we’ve ever done that touches the subject of the war(with Chechens). Some people here think it’s too early to talk aobut it. Some people think we shuld never mention it and just move on. But the local intelligensia support the play fully.”

On opening night, the theater got a last-minute call saying that Mukhu Aliev, the president of Dagestani would attended together with his security detail. Fortunately, they were told about terrorists running through the theater or some people might have been shot. Mr. Aliev denounced the play claiming it glorified terrorism.

The censoring of the play may well be the first one to be banned since Mikhail Gorbachev assumed power in the Soviet Union.

P.S. Did Putin check with new president Medvedev before closing the play?