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Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Turkey, Hurriyet: “Mixed Signals For Kurdish Initiative”
“Poll Shows Kurdish Initiative In Tune With Most
Turks And Kurds”
No comment.

US, NY Daily News: “Robber Cites Obama Health Plan As Ruse”
Obama is attempting to divert attention to health in order to
disguise his plans to set up death camps for Republicans.

UK, The Independent: “Funniest Football Chants”
Lose, Lose, tie, yea!

South Africa, Argus: “Police Connect Dots”
They wind up pointing to the police station.

Sweden, The Local: “Every Other Doctor In Sweden From Abroad”
See, it’s true immigrants take away jobs from Swedes!

Denmark, Copenhagen Post: “Doctor Error Legislation”
From now on, after the eighth death, you will be compelled to write a thousand times, ” I am sorry for killing people.”

UK, The Independent: “Testing Time For Liverpool”
If they fail, they become Bristol.

Nepal, Himalayan Times: “Cabinet Appoints New Faces”
The clown, the joker, and poker face.

Thailand, Bangkok Post: ‘Police Seek Warrants For Car Bombers”
Before or after the explosion?

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Mosques Get Tough On Stylish Worshippers”
To hell with them.

No News-Muslim Moderates Oppose Terrorism

The American media does not hesitate to offer news concerning Islamic terrorists in order to further an image of Muslims as hell bent to violence and hatred. The Indonesian government is attempting to wipe out terrorist groups in its nation. The Jakarta Post reports residents in Central Java have refused to allow members of the radical Jama’ah Tabligh to stay at their mosques. One mosque leader told reporters, “their presence made us uncomfortable.. Residents feared that they were part of a terrorist group. so we did not allow them to stay here.” He then informed police who arrested the group.

The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful people and seek an end of terrorism. This image simply is not news to the average American TV station or Internet site. They insist on portraying an image of violence and destruction whenever the word, Muslim, appears.

Athens Still Lacks Legal Mosques

About two hundred years ago, Greece was part of the Ottoman Empire and there were thousands of Muslims who lived in Athens. Fast forward two hundred years and it is 2009 and there are 120,000 Muslims in Athens, but not a single mosque in which people pray is legal under Greek laws. A Greek couple who rented their basement to some Muslims are being fined because the tenants converted the area into a mosque in which people can pray. Several thousand Pakistanis are fighting the closing of the mosque because it is the only one available for them to pray. Lawyers argue that one must secure permission to use an area as a mosque for prayer, but city authorities will not grant any such permission.

Neighbors complained about the mosque which they disliked because it led to the gathering of large crowds of people anxious to get into the small area. For years, many bodies and the European Union have complained about the absence of a legal mosque for Muslims, but for some strange reason city authorities just can’t get around to granting legal permission to pray.