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Care To Arrest A Prime Minister?

Nations throughout the world are furious at the Israel government for initiating the murder of a Hamas leader who was in Dubai. The police chief of Dubai said, “I have presented the Dubai prosecutor with a request for the arrest of (Prime Minister Benjamin(Netanyahu and the head of Mossad.” Other nations like Great Britain and France are upset because Israeli agents used passports from people in their countries to carry out one of the most botched up and incompetent assassinations in modern history. One sometimes wonders if Benjamin Netanyahu pays any attention to the fact the world seeks peace in the Middle East, not the three stooges running wild.

In my youth, efficient groups like Murder Incorporated would send for some nice Jewish or Italian hit men from Cleveland or Detroit to rub someone out in Chicago or New York. All they needed was one or two guys and hit men certainly did not go around in disguise. For God’s sake, they are hit men not the Marx Brothers!

Marx Brothers, Heroes Of Mossad?

It is unfortunate that Groucho and his beloved brothers are long dead, because I am certain they would be furious at Mossad for stealing their antics in order to kill someone in Dubai. Or, the world might now be gazing at a 27 minute TV episode soon to be released world wide by the Dubain government which features agents of Mossad dashing in and out of rooms displaying beards and wigs and God knows what else as they go about killing an arms dealer in his hotel room. The Mossad used to be considered among the elite secret service agencies in the world but today their agents would be better off seeking employment in a Monty Python episode. Yes, they did kill an arms dealer who works with Hamas. No, their assassination was not disguised to prevent anyone figuring out who was responsible.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is caught with his pants down and has to explain to governments in several nations how passports from citizens of their nations were used by the bungling group of Jewish comedians to kill someone in Dubai. On the other hand, has anyone considered the possibility Mossad is attempting to seek work as comedians?

Iran Smashes Western Pigeon Spy Ring!!

There is no question Israel’s Mossad secret agency was behind the spy ring that was smashed by alert Iranian police. Security forces in Natanz arrested two suspected “spy pigeons” near Iran’s controversial uranium enrichment facility. One of the pigeons was caught near a rose water production plant in the city of Kahan and reports indicate it was carrying some metal rings and invisible strings were attached to the bird. Unconfirmed reports suggest the birds were wearing yarmulkes and spoke in Hebrew. It is believed the pigeons are undergoing interrogation by a Hebrew speaking member of Iranian intelligence.

One can never underestimate the brilliance of Mossad and Jewish spies. First, they use pigeons, next we can expect they will be sending in transvestites in order to confuse Iranian security. After all, a spy wearing a bra will be more difficult to interrogate. There are reports Tehran police are on the alert for dogs wearing collars which they believe were paced around the necks of the animals in order to take secret pictures of Iranian women whose legs are showing.

Iran’s Theater Of The Absurd

Unlike, the Iranian government, I do not have a direct line to God or any of the Prophets of God, but one thing is certain, the great prohpets of humanity spoke for peace and love, not hate and violence. Allireza Malekian, speaking for the Iranian Ministry of Culture, issued a hate laden statement on the death anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad. “The heart of the world of Islam is hurt and full of anger. Media linked to world arrogance and the Zionist regime is direted by its masters and insults the Prophet Muhammad, and filmmakers trained by the CIA and the Mossad mock the beloved religion of Islam. The Zionist racists massacre Palestinian women and children with bombs and celebrate their victory in the White House.”

For some reason, the CIA and Mossad did not submit any pictures for Academy Awards this year, undoubtedly they were too busy training subversive filmmakers at secret hidewaways in the Catskills. The Iranian government has legitimate complaints about American behavior towards their nation, but every time they pour out these ridiculous hate spewn messages of violence, the world recoils in disgust.

They direct anger at oppressive regimes, but within Iran, the voices of thousands are silenced by an oppressive religion. The rights of Bahais are denied, and women placed on an unequal basis with men.

In all honesty, I know little about the Muslim religion, but, from what I have read and heard from those for whom the Muslim religion is a source of love and beauty, I doubt very much the Prophet Muhammad would ever speak in such hateful terms about the people of the Book or direct hate toward other humans.