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Tony Blair Is A Liar Claim British Mothers

Two British mothers whose sons died in Iraq told the House of Lords that former prime Minister Tony Blair deliberately lied to the nation and thus is responsible for the deaths of their children. Ms. Beverly Clarke and Mrs. Rose Gentle argue the Blair government breached their duty to members of Great Britain’s armed forces by failing to ensure the invasion of Iraq was based on valid evidence. Rabinder Singh, who represents them in the House of Lords, argued: “The duty is owed to soldiers who are under the unique compulsory control of the state and have to obey orders. They have to put their lives in harms way because their nation demands it.”

Mrs. Gentle summed up the issue concisely when she said: “I think Tony Blair sent our boys to war on a lie. This was not defending his country. The country was not under any threat of attack.”

It is unfortunate we Americans lack a body which would listen to the pleas of parents about the lies of the Bush administration which sent thousands of Americans to their deaths on the basis of lies.