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No Pubic Iraq Inquiry Says House Of Lords To Mums

The British House of Lords turned down a request from mothers of soldiers fighting in Iraq for an inquiry into why their children were sent into battle. The women argued there was failure on the part of the Blair government to ensure in advance the war was lawful and justified. “That duty,” said their lawyer, Rabinder Singh, “is owed to soldiers who are under the unique compulsory control of the State and have to obey orders. They have to put their lives in harm’s way if necessary because their country demands it.” The mothers challenged a Court of Appeal rulining December, 2006 that the Government was not under an implied obligation to order an independent inquiry undeer Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Their lawyers argue it was not sufficient for the government to promise holding such an inquiry “when the time is right.”

Although the mothrs lost their bid, it made clear to the British people that Government has an obligatin to be truthful when it sends soldiers off to fight about the reasons for fighting. To this day, the Bush adminstraton has never been honest regarding internal discusions about decideing invade Iraq. There will be an inquiry one day, that’s for sure.