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Israel Rights Groups-Palestinians Forced Into Gaza

Two Israel rights groups, B’Tselem and Hamoked, issued a joint report which blames Israel policy for creating a deepening separation between the West Bank and Gaza. Palestinian families are being torn apart due to Israel policies and creating turmoil and confusion. As an example, a Gaza man was barred from joining his wife who has West Bank residency when she gave birth to quadruplets. The takeover of Gaza by Hamas in June, 2007, led Isrel to impose a travel ban which now constitutes extreme hardship for thousands Palestinians. Israel refuses to register a change of address of any Gazan wo moved from Gaza to the West Bank before 2000. Under a new policy, these Gazans must obtain a special permit to allow them continue residency in the West Bank and the process of obtaining one is extremely difficult.

The Orwellian madness of Israel policy does not ensure a Gazan who marries someone on the West Bank an opportunity to leave with the spouse. The report blasts this new policy for transforming Palestinians who are working and living in the West Banks into aliens in their own country. A woman from Gaza was literally banned from her own wedding to a West Bank man because she would not put up a $5,000 deposit which would guarantee, once the ceremony was over, she would head back to Gaza! The woman who gave birth to four bouncing babies does not want to return to Gaza due to lack of medical facilities. Any Jewish person who was alive in the 1930s remembers similar behavior by nations toward their requests for moving to join a relative.