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Terrorist Attack In Saudi Arabia!!

A massive terrorist attack struck the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh, but no bombs were thrown or guns fired except for the weapon of laughter. For the first time in decades there was a public showing of a film. Police had to hold back a band of determined conservative clerics who warned allowing this film to be shown would unleash the anger of God leading to earthquakes and other unknown disasters. In order to lessen the threat to the security of the nation, a male only crowd of about 300 sat in the massive theater of the King Fahd Cultural Center where they enjoyed such delicacies as popcorn and soda. Naturally, no women could be allowed into the theater which showed, “Menahi,” a film about a country bumbkin who winds up in the big city.

A young student heralded the comedy as the “beginning of change” while a businessman said “I don’t want my son to grow up in the dark.” Of course if his son goes to the movies, he will be in the dark, and God forbid, he winds up sitting in the same row as a young girl!! Is this comedy the beginning of a revolution?