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Another MP Killed In Kenya- Chaos Continues

Another member of the Kenya parliament was killed when a policeman shot David Kimtai of the Orange Democratic Movement. Kofi Annan, former head of the United Nations is trying to get all parties to sit, discuss, and come up with a compromise solution that will end violence which has engulfed a nation that up to this point had escaped such tribal conflicts. Military helicopters have been ordered to shoot and kill any gangs that are engaged in violence or setting up road blocks. They have identified four categories of people who will be shot on sight if they engage in criminal actions–those looting property, those burning houses, or those carrying weapons or trying to barricade roads to prevent free movement of people and goods.

President Kibaki continues insisting he won the election that most observers believe was a fraudulent process in which Kibaki doctored vote totals. More than 800 people are dead and thousands forced into temporary refugee camps. For example, at the Naivasha GK Prison, moe than 5,000 people are seeking safety and although there are no avaialbe restrooms or clean water more people arrive by the hour. History will note this was not the finest hour of President Kibaki on whose head lies the death of hundreds of people.