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British Public, Jealous Lot, Snarls MP!

There are some among the British voting public who have rather weird ideas concerning their right to know what is happening in Parliament and how does their MP address their needs. Of course, this attitude is not shared by all members of Parliament. After all, they were elected to serve, and it is only fair that in return for this generous service on their part, the public should provide service to them in the form of money. Conservative MP, Anthony Steen, is upset about public demands to examine how money allocated to MPs for lodging should be subject to scrutiny by anyone other than the MP. He is furious at charges he misused $16,000 over a four year period on maintenance of his country estate, especially the 500 trees.

MP Steen charges the British public is simply “jealous” of his trees, “jealous,” he has a nice country home, and they have no right to snoop into his tax returns in order to find out how public money was spent. He is an MP for goodness sake, he would not abuse the public trust! It is at times such as these that one can only wonder why hard working men like Anthony Steen ever place their name on a ballot. Did the damn public expect him to take care of 500 trees? God Bless The Queen, and the money that goes with serving the public.

Trials And Tribulations Of Being British MP

British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is engaged in a new conflict over expense reports she submitted which included films ordered by her husband. The interesting question is under which category of an expense report does a film fall? I assume it is entertainment which certainly is an important need for those who serve in the government. Of course, they could also secure access to entertainment if they spent a few more days in the halls of Parliament and listened to MPs discuss what exactly is the need for its members to include films they watch as part of their government expenses. Left wing MP, Harry Cohen, is under fire for having charged his “second home” to the tune of $550,000 over the past few decades. He insists that back in 1980, then Conservative Prime Minister John Moore told MP “go out boys and spend it” in reference to a new bill which authorized paying for expenses.

How about a really radical left wing suggestion– pay MPs and members of the US Congress a salary and that’s it! If you want to watch adult films or go to strip joints, you are on your own. If you want to spend time with your sister, as did Jacqui Smith, call it a visit, but don’t claim it is your second home. Pay them and then they are on their own! Now, Mr. Left Wing, Harry Cohen, that is what left wingers not only believe but live out in their lives. I hate to tell you this, Mr. Cohen, but when you go out and “spend it” the “it” is the money of working people.